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How Did Hinata Die and In Which Episode?

Hinata Hyuga, wife of Naruto Uzumaki, former heiress of the Hyuga clan—a kunoichi of Konohagakure, and mother to Boruto and Himawari, is one of the most important characters in the Naruto universe. Hinata’s death has been the subject of various rumours, with many fans assuming she perished during the agony arc. According to considerable investigation conducted by Byliner, Hinata is currently alive in both the Boruto anime and manga.

As Naruto’s initial love interest, Hinata Hyuga was initially a timid and reticent individual. Despite the initial one-sided nature of the relationship, she eventually gained Naruto’s heart, and they ended up getting married. She didn’t make much of an impression when she originally arrived, especially prior to the broadcast of Shippuden. Hinata was presented as a former clan heiress and Team 8 member.

Is Hinata Dead?

Did Hinata Die and How Did She Die?

Hinata is not deceased. Theories of her demise derive primarily from fan fiction that is not based on the canon. In addition, the anime’s creator, Masashi Kishimoto, has not stated that Hinata is dead.

Due to Hinata’s numerous near-death experiences, especially her encounter in the agony arc, rumours of her demise have become even more prevalent.

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How Did Hinata Die?

There are times when Hinata nearly dies. Here are some of Hinata’s near-death experiences:

Hinata’s near-death experiences began with attempts to kidnap her when she was three years old in order to obtain the Byakugan’s power. However, her father rescued her, preventing her from losing her eyes and/or her life.

Hinata and Neji engaged in competition during their early years. Neji was the young genius, whilst Hinata fell short of expectations. During the chunin examinations, Neji and Hinata got into a brawl, which nearly cost her her life. She was on the edge of giving up, but Naruto’s encouragement inspired her to persevere and keep her resolve. Despite the fact that her organs were severely damaged, she nevertheless lost the struggle and had terrible injuries.

Additionally, her encounter in The Pain Arc is one of the events that sparked widespread speculation regarding Hinata’s demise. Due to the fact that she did not die in any of the aforementioned scenarios, there is presently no precise account of how Hinata died, as she is still alive.

Did Hinata Die in the Pain Arc?

Steklywko — What if: Hinata died of the fatal wound she got...

No, Hinata did not die during the pain arc, as pain did not kill her. In episode 166 of Naruto Shippuden, Hinata is able to recognise Naruto in the village and recalls her first encounter with him as a child thanks to her Byakugan. As soon as her guardian Ko heard the villagers discussing the Nine-Tails, he advised her to stay away from him.

In contrast, Naruto shielded her after a group of thugs pushed her around. Hinata enters the battle to defend Naruto, recalling how Naruto had previously defended her.

Naruto attempts to dissuade her from entering the battle by asking why she would do so after emphasising that this is his fight. She then declares her love for him and removes the black receiver Pain implanted within Naruto. Pain’s Deva Path, however, uses his Shinra Tensei to throw Hinata.

Hinata manages to stand up, activates Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, and runs toward Pain in order to attack him. Pain uses his Rinnegan to track the movement and avoid being attacked. Blood coughing causes Nagato to momentarily lose concentration, allowing Hinata to attack first. As she observes the confused Pain, she pulls out a second receiver and is propelled even further, this time through the air.

Hinata’s head begins to bleed as she lands on the crater floor. When she recalls how Naruto aided her during her battle with Neji and how he told her he admired individuals like her, she makes her way back to him while he cries out for her safety. As she approaches Naruto, Pain asks her why she would fight him or try to save him if she knew she would die. In response, she declares that she will never give up.

Pain later sends Hinata soaring through the air with his Shinra Tensei before crashing her to the ground. As the impact of her fall fractures the ground, he draws his blade and stabs her. Pain only states that this is how his parents perished as Naruto sees his mother bleed to death at the hands of a Shinobi from Konoha. She was, however, cured by Sakura’s healing Jutsu.

Even though some of the Pain arc’s victims were resurrected, Sakura just needed to cure Hinata because she was merely unconscious and not dead. Although many fans believed the stab to be lethal, Hinata did not die from it.

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Did Hinata Die in Boruto Manga?

Is Hinata Dead And How Did She Die?

So many speculations exist regarding Hinata’s death in the Boruto manga. Many fans believe that Boruto’s Jougan eye is the Byakugan eye that was transplanted from Hinata after her death, even though she is still alive.

In addition to this “theory,” there are others, such as Hinata dying while defending Boruto in Naruto’s absence; speculating that she will be in the village when Konoha is completely destroyed because she will make every effort to protect her husband and son and will therefore intervene in the battle in a manner similar to how she did with Pain. This time, however, both Naruto and Hinata risk their lives to defend Boruto.

As Boruto confronts his sworn brother Kawaki in the anime’s opening sequence, there is a glimpse of a future that is nothing but a disaster. Numerous rumours circulate regarding the deaths of important characters, including Naruto, who is absent from the opening scene. A great deal of speculation surrounds the Boruto spin-off, so it is wise to absorb it all as the plot unfolds.

Did Hinata’s Death Happen in Tokyo Revengers?

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga developed by Ken Wakui that exists outside of the Naruto and Boruto anime universe. Hinata was killed by a Tokyo gang in Tokyo Revengers, although the Hinata in Tokyo Revengers is Hinata Tachibana, the ex-girlfriend of the protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki, and not the Hinata Hyuga of the Narutoverse.


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