5 signs that smart phones are controlling You

smartphones and You
Signs smartphones are controlling us

With rise of Internet and technological advances in past decades, people are using technology at the tip of their fingers. Usage of mobile phones, tablets, smart watches have increased drastically over the period in India. But, there are signs that you are getting “too much involved” in the use. So, now the question is: Are you using the technology or the technology is using you?

Signs of Smart phone usage
Year on Year growth of Smart phone users in India

Let us concentrate on the usage of smart phones in India and how it has evolved. A study by statista shows that numbers of smart phones users have increased by 70.7% in India. For 2018, there is a forecast of 339.95 million users of smart phones. Also, the worldwide usage is expected to be around 2.3 billion. So, almost 14% of usage of smart phones is delivered by India.

As we all know it, India is the second most populous country in the world. And with the penetration of Chinese smart phones, India has surpassed the United states in smart phones usage. In future, the numbers are expected to rise higher and is estimated at 2.87 billion of which India will generate 442.5 million consumers.

Now, smart phones are the most delectable innovation in the history of mankind. We used to use phones only for calls and text message but see how the world of mobile technology has advanced. With android and iOS app stores, you can install applications on your mobiles or tablets to ease off your life. Well, that is what techies call digital transformation.

Digital world
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Digital transformation has variety of definitions. Everybody has a different perception about it yet everyone believes that a revolution is taking place. Revolution of transformation. Revolution of change with the aid of digital tools.  Due to advancement in technology and thanks to the innovations, we have enormous functional routine which is made easy.

In this digital era, there is nothing unanswered. Probably because of Google. The search engine which seems like it has mixed in our veins. Anything we need to know, we say “Ok Google” and numerous results pop up on the screen of our smart phones.

It is noteworthy that technologies surround us that do transform our lives. Rather make it simple and effective. So, Digital transformation maybe considered as the change brought in by digital technology to enhance our lives in a much smoother and better way.

Use of technology on our smart devices

Signs of technology
Using technology at fingertips

Calling phones only smart probably seems cliche to many because there are many devices we do handle in our daily monotone. It can be our computers, television sets or even watches.

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Succumbing to the fact that we use technology in our daily life, we must also acknowledge that without them our life would have been much hectic and gruesome. But, are we getting addicted to it? Have you ever thought of spending a day without your phone or internet?

It will be horrible yet we should give it a thought. So, what are the signs that we are involved much? Furthermore what are the signs that the smart phones are controlling us and not the other way round?

Signs that smartphones are controlling us

There are as many as negative influences of owning a smart phone. In addition to the perks it provide, it also drains our energy and make us behave like a servant sometimes.

  1. Checking phone for battery – On an average, a person checks his phone or use it 50 times a day. Be it call, texts or notifications from social media or online applications. Keeping the phone away from dying, people carry power banks and chargers and try to look for charging point whenever it is possible. Rather, a notification pops up saying “The battery is low, charge immediately”. Being scared of the phone dying out pushes adrenaline and adds stress.
  2. Glued to the screen – Researchers have found out that 3 out of 5 people check their phones before going to sleep and after waking up. They are compelled to look at their phones and check every 5 minutes. According to a study by University of Georgia, this habit is prevalent in teenagers. Also, the teenagers become more unhappier than their peers.
  3. Loss of Focus – People tend to lose concentration and are distracted by these notifications. A new study claims that mere presence of phones in the vicinity can affect the concentration. People tend to lose focus on their work, thus increasing procrastination.
  4. Ringxiety – It is a psychological condition. People tend to reach their phone even when the phone isn’t buzzing. It seems like social media notifications and too much information leads a person to think and worry. The person tends to check social media conforming to the fact that nothing happens. So, the smartphones are actually creating an insecurity and making people insane.
    Signs of smartphones controlling you
    Social Media Effect

    Signs of extreme social media usage
    Anxiety and depression





5. Procrastination – The last but most important of all. Smart phones makes you idle. Yes, indeed they do. You have so much to do yet you are sticking your eyes onto your social media account. You are looking at your friends’ posts or binge-watching your favorite TV show or watching what’s trending on youtube. But, ultimately you are not doing anything productive.


Well, we can’t deny that we live in a digital era. Surely we need to interact with the devices but we should also consider the fact that we should not become a servant. We should be able to pick up the signs. Moreover, we invented smart phones. We should be controlling them, not the other way around. Smart phones should be used to access information that will help us. We must use internet to develop our learning and be productive.

5 signs that smart phones are controlling You
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5 signs that smart phones are controlling You
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