5 surefire daily use apps to ease out your monotone routine.


The modern man is surrounded by software ranging from desktop in the living room to apps on smartphones to small micro devices that keep a track of you. Around 40 million users in India are accessing internet and 59% use it through their phones. Indeed a huge platform for the mobile app developers. The study also suggests that users tend to use only 3 apps. Yet, there is a possibility of getting more apps installed on their phones. If and only if the apps are daily use apps. Furthermore, there are many incredible apps that Indians use out of which 5 are social networking apps.

The users tend to use very limited apps yet spend around 8 hours checking out on apps. Programmers are constantly developing apps to set foot in the market. The advances in technology is also adding to the fun side of app usage. The thought of easing out daily life chores like maintaining a check on expenses, keeping track of health, learning a subject, etc would be cumbersome. But it has been simplified. Yes, you read that right. Simplified and at the tip of finger on smartphones.

So here is the list of 5 such daily use apps that can ease your monotone in a click.

Daily use apps are simply crafted to meet the needs of the individuals as well as family.

1. Monefy

Had it ever occurred to lose track of daily expenses while maintaining accounts?

daily use apps to ease out monotone
Monefy- an app to keep track of your expenses

Then, monefy is just the daily use app for you. You only need to add each expense. And Monefy is going to help you. Just add new records when you are buying a coffee or taking a taxi. It’s done in one click, because you don’t need to fill anything except the amount. It shows you the break up of expenses and simply put your budget. The apps consolidates the amounts and deducts from your budget. Thus, helping you check on your budget and expenses. The best part is you can adjust the widgets accordingly. The con is its size. 7.4 MB on disk space is a lot which further increases on update.

See: Monefy in 5 minutes

 2. Home workout

daily use apps to ease out monotone
Home work out. No equipment app to enhance healthy and fit living

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is pretty much essential in this fast paced age. But you don’t need to hit the gym and have a trainer. Busy schedules can also lead to time mismanagement. Home Workout app provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. The app has video tutorials for people unfamiliar with exercising. The workout reminders are customization. It records training progress automatically. So install this daily use app and reach your fitness goal.

3.  Big Basket

Grocery shopping can sometimes be boring. Especially when you are absorbed in watching your favorite movie or sports or you have an urgent work in the office. Big Basket made grocery shopping Simple. Just a click on your smartphone and your groceries will arrive at your address. Now isn’t that amazing? Enjoy hassle-free online shopping and home delivery at just a click of a button anytime, anywhere. They have vast range of 20,000+ products including farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, home & household essentials, pet care needs, organic products, beauty and hygiene, imported and gourmet & more at the best prices. In addition to all these perks, you may also avail cashback and vouchers.

daily use apps to ease out monotone
India’s largest online supermarket.

4. Evernote

daily use apps to ease out monotone
The planning and organizing app – Evernote

Another gem in the daily use apps list is Evernote. Evernote is arguably the most powerful note taking application ever created. this daily use app comes with a ton of note taking features including the ability to create lists, insert audio/video/images, and

all of that is synced to the cloud where it can be accessed from any web browser. There are also a host of organizational features so you can keep all this info in line. It also features collaboration functionality if you need that and it’s all wrapped up in Material Design.


5. Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft is the name when it comes to software. With advancement in time, they have also changed their domain from a full fledged software manufacturer to app developers. Sensing urgency in the work life of people, this daily use apps has Presentations, documents and excel sheets just like it used to have on PCs. The major pro of this daily use app being access them anytime anywhere. Now you don’t need a laptop or desktop to work on. Carry a smartphone and work anywhere you want- in a cab or at restaurant.

daily use app
Compact app for office documents

So this sums it up. Have them installed and check how much time and effort can be saved on a daily basis efficiently.

5 surefire daily use apps to ease out your monotone routine.
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5 surefire daily use apps to ease out your monotone routine.
Time is the major constraint in this fast paced life and it waits for none. But what if there are apps to ease out your daily chores. Here is the list of daily use apps which can assist you in saving time and effort and maximize your efficiency
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