Kalavantin Durg Trek : 5 Facts to know


“Trek is not an adventure but a preferred Lifestyle.” If you also believe in the quote, then welcome on board. As Helen Keller said and we quote

Life is either daring an adventure or nothing.

Trek along life
Trekking Quote by Helen Keller

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So, if you are an adventure lover then the idea of a trek must excite you. But before you start packing your rucksack and chalk out the itinerary, it is wise to know about the place. Know about the trip, experiences and dangers lurking in the fold of the journey.

Though the idea of a trek lead our minds to Chadar (the frozen lake) or sandhakphu, we must remember that India has many unexplored places. Visiting Rishikesh, kullu and Manali has now become cliche and requires proper budgeted planning. Most of us either entangled in our daily routine or financially constrained. In between office and personal life, most of us would enjoy a day off. Getting an opportunity to go for one day trek during vacation is also a welcomed idea if you seek adventure.

So, if you want to trek to some off beat places, India still has lot to offer. This brings us to one of the most dangerous and less traversed – The Kalavantin Durg trek, or known as Prabalgad fort.

Kalavantin Durg Trek
The Kalavantin Durg

Yes, The Kalavantin Durg is considered as one of the deadliest yet adventurous trek. Also known as Prabalgad fort, it is located between Matheran and Panvel in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is situated in the western ghats and stands 2300 feet tall above the sea level. Now, it is easily understandable the height itself is a great barrier for many – Both physically and mentally. Initially used as watch towers but the journey is not easy. There are indeed rock cut steps used to climb up and descend down the fort but the height and wind force are troublesome at times.

Kalavantin Durg trek
Kalavantin Durg

So, does height excite you? Does steep rock cut outs appeal your adrenaline? Are you wondering to get there and enjoy the view from top and experience one of the scariest treks in India?

Wait!!! Don’t Start packing yet. There are certain things you must know before you leave your abode and reach out to “climb to heaven” spot. The culture trip also hails the Durg as the world’s most dangerous fortress.

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Now, let us take a look at some facts that you must know before you start your journey.

1. History Of Kalavantin Durg

According to legend, Bahmani Sultanate made the fort around 530 BC and later on Ahmadnagar Sultanate took over it. It was consequently captured by Mughal Empire and became the theater of many battles. The myth says that the Fort was constructed in the honor of Queen Kalavantin to admire her beauty. And truly the mesmerizing environment adds stars to the place.

2. The Trek

The base point is in the Thakurwadi village. Main attraction to Kalavantin Peak is the climb till Pinnacle. Steps have been carved in the mountain one side exposed and the width of the steps is pretty narrow. Monsoon adds to the misery as the steps become slippery and the wind force boulders the difficulty while descending.

Kalavantin Durg Trek
Descending the Durg
Kalavantin Durg Trek
Monsoon adding to the difficulty
The trail is notably steeper but the effort is worth it. The 360 degree view atop is indeed a feast for the eyes. But, there is a scarcity of water supply in the fort. So it is advisable to carry plenty of water with you. The trek is a 3 hours journey atop the hill and returning back.
P.S – Person suffering from vertigo or acrophobic should avoid this trek.

3. How to reach?

  • Get down at Panvel railway station on Harbour Line
  • Walk till Highway for Share TumTum ┬áRickshaw get down at shedung phata
  • At Shedung Phata, hire Rickshaw till Thakurwadi Village
  • Route is well marked out from here on
  • You can also book rickshaw or Tumtum to the base point

As mentioned earlier, monsoon season is the best time to go to the fort and you may expect crowd at that time. so it is better to contact a travel agent or a guide and book the trek beforehand. Moreover, it is a 1 day trip still a planned visit will save you money as well as time and enjoy the scenic beauty.

4. Fooding and Lodging Arrangements

Kalavantin Durg Trek
Camping at Prabalmachi

The Base point, Prabalmachi is habitat for the villagers. In addition to relaxing points, the villagers also offer food. You can also take lunch on your own. The trek has some tea and snack stalls where you can find eateries and relax. This will help you to regain your lost energy so that you can roll back on track. Many villagers offer homestays as well. Other than that, you can carry your own tents and camp at the base point.

You can find the day itinerary at thrillophillia.

5. Deaths and accidents

Dangerous yet thrilling. This feature brings many trekkers across India to glide through the experience, Kalavantin Durg provides. It is no less to mention that slippery rock steps and wind force is hazardous to human life and indeed there have been incidents. Incidents that involved risking precious lives of youngsters. One of the famous being the death of Rachita Gupta Kanodia, 27 year old who is believed to have fallen from height. There have been other cases where a Pune trekker and one from Hyderabad underwent similar fate in their journey to the “climb of Heaven”.

Kalavantin Durg Trek
Rachita Gupta Kanodia
But which trek doesn’t involve risks? Every time, there is a chance. That’s what makes it an adventure. That’s when your adrenaline rushes and excites you. So it’s wise to take care of yourself and descend calmly and slowly as possible.
Hope this article makes you avail the experience for once in a lifetime.
Kalavantin Durg Trek : 5 Facts to know
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Kalavantin Durg Trek : 5 Facts to know
"Trek is not an adventure but a preferred Lifestyle." If you also believe in the quote, then welcome on board. If regular and known adventure treks doesn't suit to your taste and you want to try something off the hook, Kalavantin Durg Trek is just for you.
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