Finally Mehul Chokshi Tells The Reason For Choosing Antigua


Financial Criminal Mehul Choksi has said in an announcement that his application for citizenship of Antigua was driven by the longing to “grow his business” in the Caribbean and to acquire sans visa travel to 130 nations.

Affirming that he had legitimately connected to be a national of Antigua under the “Citizenship by Investment program”, Mr Choksi stated, through his legal counselor, “My application is propelled by my craving to extend my business enthusiasm for the Caribbean and to get without visa set out access to 130 or so nations.” The announcement was put out after a media report that he has left Antigua for another nation.


Mehul Choksi was allowed Antigua citizenship in November. He cleared out India in the main seven day stretch of January and guaranteed of dependability as a resident of Antigua on January 15. Days after the fact, on January 29, the CBI recorded a case and began researching Choksi and his nephew, big name goldsmith Nirav Modi, over an Rs. 13,500 crore misrepresentation that included phoney certifications for the sake of India’s second-biggest government bank PNB, or Punjab National Bank, to encourage abroad credits.

India has dropped the visas of both Choksi and Nirav Modi over the PNB trick.

Choksi asserted he exited India in January for medicinal treatment in the US.

“Having gotten treatment I am still in a state recovery. That being the situation I have chosen to live in Antigua and Barbuda, the nation of my citizenship, and to maintain the laws of the nation, similar to the obligation of each native,” said the 59-year-old specialist.

Sources say when Choksi connected for citizenship a year ago, experts in Antigua had solicited India to give points of interest from any bodies of evidence against him. At the time, there were none.

Authorities trust Choksi’s activities demonstrate he had arranged his escape course knowing the PNB extortion would detonate after the retirement of the PNB representative who had helped him with counterfeit assurances.

Antigua is among the numerous duty sanctuaries in the Caribbean and has no removal bargain with India, which makes it harder to pursue the runaway jewel representative.

Mehul Choksi has declined to come back to India, saying he fears “crowd lynching”.



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