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Actor Simba Nagpal Has Injured On The Shooting Of Naagin 6 An Indian television!

Actor Simba Nagpal Has Injured on The Shooting Of Naagin 6

Simba Nagpal is now starring in Ekta Kapoor‘s Naagin 6 on Indian television. The country is Rishabh Gujral’s foremost responsibility in his duty as an army officer. In the future, Rishabh’s destiny is intertwined with that of Pratha (Tejasswi Prakash),

a shape-shifting serpent who swears to rid India of the terrible virus created by humans that are murdering its citizens. The audience is raving about the programme, and it’s attracting a sizable audience.

Simba Nagpal is a great example of an artist that goes above and beyond to make his characters look realistic. It is Simba who portrays businessman Rishabh Gujral, and it is his wife Tejasswi who plays his wife.

It centres around a wicked plot to spread an illness across India by a neighbouring country. So Tejasswi Prakash, a shape-shifting serpent, has been summoned to save the country. When the programme just took a leap, Simba Nagpal injured himself while shooting a sequence for that leap.

Despite His Injury, Simba Continued to Work

On the set of Naagin 6, Simba Nagpal was injured. According to an on-set insider, “Because of the character’s high demands, Simba has been putting in long hours on set. Yet unfortunately, last week he was injured,

but he was able to keep his job routine unaffected. It’s commendable that he didn’t complain as he kept shooting and explained it was to keep from getting out of character.” Simba Nagpal had previously told Pinkvilla that Naagin 6 would be taking a leap forward, saying,

“This is going to be a very exciting programme to watch, and it’s going to keep everyone on their toes. Best of all, you can tell that each episode of Naagin is getting more intriguing as the season progresses. Acting-wise, it keeps me fresh because it never becomes routine.”

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Simba Nagpal: I’m A Very Curious Person

What would Simba Nagpal do if he wasn’t an actor? “Inquisitive and open-minded, I’m always eager to discover new things. As much as I’ve always wanted to be a professional actor,

I also have a tremendous interest in writing, directing, and producing music. Even though I’m now solely focused on honing my acting abilities,

I look forward to branching out into new creative endeavours in the near future! You can do everything you put your mind to “The 25-year-old remarked.

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