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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Agree to ‘Move On’ from ABC News Two Months After Their Relationship Becomes Known to the Public

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes will not return to ABC News.

PEOPLE confirms the GMA3: What You Need To Know co-anchors will not return to their positions at the corporation following an investigation by ABC into their relationship.

“After several fruitful discussions with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes about their alternatives, we all concluded that it would be best for everyone if they left ABC News. We appreciate their ability and dedication over the years, as well as their contributions “A spokeswoman for ABC stated in a statement.

“A decision regarding new co-hosts [for GMA3 and 20/20] will be made later,” said the spokeswoman.

Previously, a source told PEOPLE that Holmes, 45, and Robach, 49, were not anticipated to remain in their current jobs at the network following their Dec. 5 cancellation.

The insider stated that there are no negotiations over their future. ABC is now concluding their inquiry.

The insider stated, “While it is unlikely that they would return in the same capacity as before — the longer time passes, the less probable it gets that they will return — there are still open lines of contact and further discussions about what will occur.”

Earlier this month, a second source told PEOPLE that despite the employment inquiry, the couple’s relationship is “stronger than ever.”

“They’re just doing their thing,” a second insider said of the couple, who were spotted in Miami last month and spent the holidays together.


T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach ‘Spent the Holidays Together’ and Are ‘Not Hiding,’ Says a Source in a Related Video.

Photos of the television celebrities holding hands in a car, during a vacation in upstate New York, and in a New York City bar prompted dating rumours on November 30. Holmes and Robach terminated their individual Instagram accounts hours after the photographs were published. (Robach’s account has now been reinstated, while T.J. Holmes account remains dormant.)

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In a December message to staff, ABC Situation president Kim Godwin addressed the news, stating that the pair will “stay off-air pending the completion of an internal assessment” with a rotation of anchors stepping in on the programme.

She stated that the “continuous coverage” of the co-anchors’ relationship “may be distracting from the really important work our team conducts at ABC News.”

She continued, “I hope that we will continue to concentrate on what we do best.” And I want you all to know how extremely proud I am of your professionalism and hard work.

The couple has not made a public statement regarding their relationship, though they alluded to the news during a December broadcast of GMA3: What You Need To Know before to their hiatus.

In 2010, both co-anchors wedded their respective husbands; Robach wed actor Andrew Shue and Holmes wed attorney Marilee Fileebig.

GMA3's Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes photographed together during cozy NY date after affair bombshell and show hiatus | HELLO!

According to court records, Holmes and Fiebig filed for divorce on December 28 after 12 years of marriage. In a statement to PEOPLE, Fiebig’s attorney Stephanie F. Lehman said, “T.J.’s attorney and I have been collaborating to bring their divorce forward in a manner that is private, fast, and as amicable as possible.”

Robach’s marital status is still unknown, and although she and Shue were spotted together in New York City in mid-January, a third source earlier told PEOPLE that they had separated in August.

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Robach and Holmes began dating only after they divorced their respective wives, according to a third source. “Two consenting individuals were separated from one another. They both ended their marriages in August, within weeks of one another “the insider reported. The relationship did not begin till later.

Another insider told PEOPLE, “Amy was going through a heartbreak, and TJ was really supportive and there for her. That’s when they began dating.”

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