Angelina Jolie's Email To Brad Pitt Was Heartbreaking And Unexpected!

Angelina Jolie’s Email To Brad Pitt Was Heartbreaking And Unexpected!

In the midst of the couple’s protracted legal battle, an email that Angelina Jolie addressed to her ex-husband Brad Pitt just reappeared on TikTok, according to Entertainment Tonight. The A-listers, who were once Hollywood’s “it” couple, separated in 2016 a few days after an altercation with their children on a plane.

Since the two have been squabbling over custody of their six children and common assets, including a shared winery, details of the dramatic encounter have made headlines. Jolie recounts her impassioned and painful tale in the January 2021 email, which ET has subsequently discovered in court filings, as she discusses her choice to sell her stake in Chateau Miraval Winery.

In the email, Jolie stated that the location was “where we welcomed the twins home to and where we were married over a plaque in honor of my mum.” “A location where I imagined growing old and one that offered the promise of what might be.

Angelina Jolie's Email To Brad Pitt Was Heartbreaking And Unexpected

It is still difficult to write this without crying. I’ll cherish the memories I had of ten years ago. She continued, alluding to Brad Pitt‘s drinking problem: “However, it is also the site of our family’s inception and end, as well as a business centered upon alcohol. I had thought that it would somehow become something that brought us closer and helped us find joy and serenity.

Now that I understand how much you wanted to see me off, you’ll probably be happy to see my email.” Jolie also discussed the 2016 incident, which she would later claim “I wish you all the best with the business, and really hope that the children feel differently about Miraval when they are older, and visit you there,” Pitt said as he choked one of the kids and punched another in the face.

Angelina Jolie's Email To Brad Pitt Was Heartbreaking And Unexpected

However, Miraval passed away for me in September 2016, and everything I have witnessed since then has tragically confirmed this.”Pitt filed a lawsuit against Jolie after she sold her ownership stake in the vineyard earlier this year.

Pitt is currently facing a $250 million lawsuit from Jolie’s former company Nouvel, which claims the actor is waging a “vindictive war” against them and his ex-wife, as well as accusing him of wasting the vineyard’s resources on vanity projects and “looting” its precious trademarks.

Angelina Jolie's Email To Brad Pitt Was Heartbreaking And Unexpected

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