Arbaaz Khan: Let’s Know Some Surprising Facts Starrer Of “Hello Brother” Movie!

Indian film producer and actor Arbaaz Khan is 52 today. The actor who broke into Bollywood with the film Daraar has since established himself as a successful producer and director. His brothers Salman Khan and Sohail Khan have also achieved success in the film industry. He entered the world on August 4, 1967. In addition to his acting skills, Arbaaz Khan is also noted for his beautiful looks.

His full name is Arbaaz Khan. Learn more about Arbaaz Khan here, including his personal history, family composition, and approximate wealth in Indian Rupees. Arbaaz’s performance in the film Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya was praised by critics and audiences alike.  Even though Salman Khan was in the film, Arbaaz played Kajol’s brother.

The birthday boy’s supporting role in the film was recognized with a Filmfare award. He has also frequently portrayed Salman’s sibling in movies. His birthdate is August 4, 1967. Arbaaz Khan’s fame stems from his acting skills and his attractiveness. In its entirety, his name is Arbaaz Khan. Learn more about Arbaaz Khan here, including his personal history, family composition, and approximate wealth in Indian Rupees.

Things You Didn’t Know About Arbaaz Khan

While Arbaaz Khan might not be a household name in every part of the globe, in India he is practically synonymous with the term. Not only does he star in Indian films, but he also produces and directs them. His entire job is to keep his followers amused, and he does a fantastic job at it.

Recent articles about him in the news have been less than flattering, so he’s taking the initiative to set the record straight and let people know what they can expect from him in terms of character. He’s not just taking the criticism lying down, so we figured we’d find out more about him for ourselves.

1. Malaika-Arbaaz got married in 1998

They stopped appearing as a couple on the hit reality show “Power Couple,” and fans immediately began to wonder if they had split up. Malaika was awarded custody of their son Arhaan, now 18 years old, following their 1998 divorce.

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan

2. He is in his 50s

He doesn’t look like a man in his 50s in any capacity, but he is. On August 4th, 1967, he entered the world. In 2020, he turned 53 years old. He entered this world in the Indian state of Maharashtra, specifically the city of Poona. He was already 29 years old before he made his acting debut.

3. He’s Not the Only Famous Person in His Family

Khan comes from an illustrious ancestry. His dad works in Bollywood as a screenwriter. The mother’s name is Sushila Charak. His stepmother is so well-known that everyone calls her “Helen.”

He also has an actor-sibling, Salman Khan. Sohail Khan, his brother, is also an actor and producer. The man who married his sister is likewise a well-known performer in the same field. Specifically, his name is Atul Agnihotri.

4. He’s Got a Large Family

Not only does he not have an only sibling, but his family also has other kids. Two brothers, one sister, and one half-sister complete his family. As a result of his sister’s marriage, he also has a brother-in-law. That makes him one of his parents’ five children, so to speak.

5. He’s Formerly Married With A Child

Once married, he is currently single. In 1998, Khan wed another actress and model. Malaika Arora is the man in her life. Following 18 years of marriage, they publicly announced their split in 2016. The divorce was finalized a little over a year after the couple separated. In 2002, their son entered the world.

6. Arbaaz Gave 15 Crores in Lieu of Divorce

Malaika had asked Arbaaz Khan for Rs 10 crore in alimony in exchange for their divorce. Malaika does not want to accept anything less than Rs 10 crore, the media has said. Additionally, Arbaaz paid Malaika Rs 15 crore in alimony.

7. He Dealt With An Accident It

What exactly happened here is unclear, however, it appears that he was killed in an accident in 2012. Although it is unclear if he was behind the wheel or present, it was his Land Cruiser that struck and killed a 70-year-old woman.

He was sued for damages by the woman’s family, but he was exonerated when he showed that they had disowned her before the accident and hence had no ties to her.

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8. Both Got a New Partner

Malaika has been in the spotlight for her four-year romance with Arjun Kapoor ever since the couple was first linked together in the wake of her divorce from Arbaaz. Meanwhile, Arbaaz is living with his international lover Georgia.

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