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Are Carmelo And Lala Still Married?

Are Carmelo And Lala Still Married? Many fans wanted to know if Carmelo and Lala are still married, however Lala has filed for divorce from Carmelo after 16 years of marriage, and they both appear to be doing well in this split, keeping their son Kiyaan in mind. The answer to the question Are Carmelo and Lala Still Married is no, as the pair filed for divorce on June 27.

Are Carmelo And Lala Still Married?

Lala filed for divorce in June 2021, few months after she and Carmelo ended their quarantine during the coronavirus shutdown. Many admirers believed the Couple was collaborating on their marriage. In 2017, the couple divorced, and there were rumours that Carmelo had been unfaithful to Lala.

Carmelo And Lala Relationship Is Over

Are Carmelo And Lala Still Married: Where Are Carmelo And Lala Now?

Lala has filed for divorce from Carmelo after sixteen years of marriage, and both parties reportedly agree with this choice. The primary reason for this divorce is the couple’s numerous disagreements, which led to numerous misunderstandings. The couple waited a while to announce their divorce because they were concerned about their 14-year-old kid. As they dissolved their relationship, their kid Kiyan would have a seamless adjustment. The adolescent had just completed middle school and was entering high school.

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Lala Anthony Files A Divorce Case From Carmelo After 16 Years Together

The couple has been apart for some time and will continue to be close friends. Due to their son, they will both focus on resolving this divorce case as efficiently as possible. The couple had been apart since April 2017, yet they reconciled nearly two years later. Recently reconciled, Lala and Carmelo continue to love one another. Lala and Carmelo desire the best for their son and are devoted to their family.


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