Because of her beauty, this actress faced rejections

Actress Who Faced Many Rejections from Bollywood: Because of Her Stunning Beauty!

Dia Mirza, a popular Bollywood actress, has opened up about the sexism she has experienced working in the business. Because of her beauty, many people avoided her. Directors have told me I’m “too conventional,” thus I haven’t gotten any offers to star in their movies. As I’m generally considered to be fairly attractive, I’ve been offered many acting parts that called for me to utilize my hands.

There has been continuing discussion regarding the depiction of Bollywood actresses. Several passages hint that the actresses are chosen arbitrarily.

She must meet certain criteria, including having a fair complexion, being beautiful, having a trim figure, and looking to be of adequate height. Numerous female actresses have discussed how scheduling difficulties prevented them from appearing in films. In this situation, however, Dia Mirza’s claim is reflective of an industry-specific characteristic.

Diya Mirza’s Big Disclosure

Because of her beauty, this actress faced rejections

Dia Mirza told Aaj Tak in an exclusive interview that throughout her over twenty-year career in the entertainment industry, she has suffered several cases of gender-based harassment. He has encountered numerous stereotypes during his life. She had trouble getting hired and going on dates because of her appearance.

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Why Did Diya Have to Face Rejection

Dia says, “I have always hoped to collaborate with such makers, who have a concentration on serious cinema.” When discussing this in more detail. Because my appearance gets in the way, many have chosen not to include me in their movies.

Filmmakers criticize me for being too gorgeous and so unable to find a job. It’s not that I dislike myself or have a problem with how I look. But it’s absolutely true that many actors are constrained by their appearance. And that is bad for an artist.

Because of her beauty, this actress faced rejections

“Directors who claim that my style is too mainstream never give me a good movie. I’ve performed in numerous films with my hands since people think I’m really attractive. Dia continues, “People may believe that I am speaking with pride every time I say this, but they do not realize that this is the tragedy of my life.

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Do you know that Diya is currently talking about the movie Mobhi by Anubhav Sinha? Lockdown is the basis for this movie. Diya will be portrayed as a wealthy mother who leaves her home to pick up her daughter from the hostel in this.

Together with Diya, Rajkumar Rao, Bhumi Pednekar, Pankaj Kapoor, Kritika Kamra, and Ashutosh Rana will also be featured in crucial parts of the film. On March 24, this movie will be released.

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