Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

“From Cute to Cool: The Journey of Bollywood’s Child Actors Into Adulthood”

Don’t want to make you feel old, but wow, how fast time has flown! Even though we may have been too young to fully appreciate it at the time, many of us feel an instant connection to our favourite celebrities when we see them in their adult roles because of the familiarity we have with their younger selves on film.

With little to do over the break, we looked up information online on the celebrities that gave us such unforgettable roles as kids. Read on to find out who some of our current favourite child actors are from Bollywood!

1. Ali Haji

Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

Recall the adorable young actor who played Rani Mukherjee and Saif Ali Khan’s youngster in the 2007 Bollywood film Ta Ra Rum Pum. The same actor who played Aamir Khan’s son in Fanaa with Kajol and Lara Dutta.

He’s now 21 years old, and he’s as adorable as ever. Ali Haji has authored two plays and is the proud proprietor of Clean Slate Studio, a theatre production company.

We aren’t surprised that Ali won the New York Film Festival’s Best Child Actor Award back in the day. It appears like this little actor from Bollywood has a bright future ahead of him.

2. Alia Bhatt

Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

Her first film, 2012’s Student of the Year, is widely regarded as the beginning of her rise to fame as one of Bollywood’s most talented and well-compensated actresses. She made her film debut in the movie Sangharsh when she was just six years old; nevertheless, few people know that she is a well-known Bollywood child actress.

It appears that someone has fulfilled a long-held childhood ambition, something of which we may be really proud. Alia is not the same adolescent girl she was in SOTY or Sangharsh anymore.

She has received widespread appreciation as a result. She’s also doing a lot of smart narratives recently, showing her fans that there’s more to her than just her fantastic, eclectic sense of style (which they can easily imitate with the help of shopping apps).

3. Shahid Kapoor

Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

Seems familiar, “I’m a Complan boy”? We have no doubts that it does, though. Who among us doesn’t recall the adorable mother-and-son duo from the countless commercials that our mothers watched over and over again?

Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia both got their start in Bollywood as young actors. He started out as a tiny boy, but now he’s a grown man with a gorgeous wife, two kids, and some of the top roles in the industry to his credit, not to mention a slew of Filmfare Awards and other honours.

We’re not the only ones who are completely smitten with him; even the ladies are going crazy for him. We’re not complaining, but the man did that Complan mess with his head.

4. Darsheel Safary

Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

The character of Ishaan Awasthi, played by Darsheel Safary and introduced by none other than superstar Aamir Khan in Taare Zameen Par, has remained in our minds for many years after the film’s initial release.

Darsheel, now 22, maintains regular communication with his former co-star and mentor, with whom he has worked extensively throughout his acting career. For the time being, he seems content to take things slowly rather than blindly accepting any script that comes his way.

That’s the stuff from which great work is born, in our opinion. He has also been performing on stage, which indicates that he is wisely and methodically preparing the groundwork for a future acting career, though not among Bollywood’s kid performers.

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5. Sanjay Dutt

Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

Sanjay Dutt is the only actor to have a biography made about his life and career, and he has worked in more than simply action and humour throughout his career. Against popular belief, Bollywood star Sanju Baba did not make his debut alongside his father Suni Dutt and Waheeda Rehman in the 1981 film Rocky.

Instead, he made his debut alongside his father in the 1971 film Reshma Aur Shera. In one scene, he was a qawwali singer, and he was so adorable! Despite his inactivity, he has now been included on our list of Bollywood kid stars of yesteryear and today. The launch of your favourite star probably came as a surprise to you.

6. Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

Because we’ve finally reached Hrithik, the Bollywood version of Zeus and one of the world’s sexiest guys, here’s a little history of his life before the release of Kaho Na Pyar Hai.

Like Sanjay Dutt, he has a low public profile despite having acted in the 1980 film Aasha at the tender age of 6, thanks to the encouragement of his grandpa.

After that, he had a significant part in the 1986 film Bhagwan Dada, which starred Rajnikanth and Sridevi. His role as Rajnikanth’s adopted son gave him the opportunity to showcase his impressive dance abilities for the first time.

As he takes the stage, we all go weak in the knees with excitement since he used to be among the top kid performers in Bollywood, but now he has no competition.

7. Aamir Khan

Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

In the world of Bollywood, he is unquestionably a top Khan. His body of work speaks volumes, and he does not require a formal introduction or an awards ceremony to cement his status as a true diamond of the business.

As the creator and host of the popular Sunday TV chat programme Satyamev Jayate on Star Plus, Aamir Khan is now actively interested in societal issues. Furthermore, he chooses to work on scripts that address taboo topics in our culture, which gives us confidence that our favourite actors have interests outside of self-promotion and box office success.

On the big screen, Aamir first appeared in his uncle Nasir Hussain’s 1973 film Yaadon Ki Baarat. Late in 1988, he got his big break when he was cast opposite Juhi Chawla in the film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. On-screen, the two had great chemistry.

8. Ahsaas Channa

Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

You probably wouldn’t have guessed that this ‘lovely boy’ was actually a girl, but she’s one of Bollywood’s most popular child actors. And you thought you had options, think again. The acting was also really good.

Known for her cuteness, she starred in several successful films, including Vaastu Shastra, Phoonk, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, My Friend Ganesha, and others. Ahsaas Channa is known for his lead parts in popular TV shows like Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Oye Jassi, and Fanah when he was just an adolescent.

We’re planning on rewatching all of her flicks for a nostalgic fix; you should, too, while we wait to see her in the next Bollywood films.

9. Sana Saeed

Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

Anjali, the young Bollywood starlet who played the lead in a classic love story, is a fan favourite. The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai of today is a mature adult. Yeah, in just a few years she transformed from adorably cute to diva-like in her behaviour.

She has appeared in films like Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega and Badal in addition to KKHH. Sana Saeed, now an established actress, made her film debut in Karan Johar’s critically acclaimed and commercially successful 2012 film Student of the Year.

She has a small but significant role in the film. Sana has appeared on a number of popular TV shows, including Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Nach Baliye, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi, and more. We hope that her next big screen appearance will be one that does not include her in the category of “little Anjali” from the list of child performers in Bollywood.

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10. Siddharth Nigam

Bollywood Child Actors: Then And Now

While only twenty years old, Siddharth Nigam has already made a name for himself in the music business. The young Sahir/Samar won’t be forgotten by anyone who has seen Dhoom 3.

After Siddharth’s success in a Bournvita commercial, he was contacted by the Dhoom 3 casting directors. For the young actor who would soon become a staple of Indian soap operas, this was his big break.

Most people recognise Siddharth Nigam from his starring role as Aladdin in the Sab TV drama Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga. In addition to this, Siddharth is a gymnastics champion. We’re talking about multitasking here.

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