CWG Bronze Medallist Jasmine Lamboriya Joins Indian Army as Havaldar!

CWG Bronze Medallist Jasmine Lamboriya Joins Indian Army as Havaldar!

Boxer Jaismine Lamboria, born on August 30, 2001, represents India in the lightweight division. She competed in Birmingham, England’s 2022 Commonwealth Games, and came away with a bronze medal. In Lamboria’s family, boxing is in the blood.

Hawa Singh, her great-grandfather, was a heavyweight fighter who won two gold medals at the Asian Games. Her boxing coach was her uncles Sandeep Singh and Parvinder Singh, both of whom won national titles themselves.

International Boxer Jasmine Lamboria Joins Indian Army

The Bhiwani, Haryana, native and Commonwealth Games bronze medalist in boxing, Jasmine Lamboria, enlisted as a policeman in the Indian Army on Tuesday. Jasmine has broken ground by becoming the first female boxer to enlist in the Indian Armed Forces.

Jasmine had traveled to Gandhinagar, Gujarat to compete in the National Games on behalf of Haryana. It was here that the army’s officers finalized their enlistment. This event will be Jasmine’s last before joining the army’s team. When Jasmine’s uncle Sandeep Koch heard that his niece, a foreign exchange student named Jasmine Lamboria, had been offered a position in the army as a Havaldar.

he didn’t think twice about encouraging her to take it. After receiving her assignment letter, Jasmine became the first female boxer in the armed forces. Army tweets have also been disseminated with relevant info.

Special Recognition Made by Defeating the World Champion

Jasmine Lamboria (now 20) began boxing in 2016 with the help of her uncles Pravindra and Sandeep. She was born on August 30, 2001, in the Dhani of Mahtab Das, which is located near the Haluwas Gate. Jasmine competes in the 60-kilogram weight class in boxing. Jasmine is in the final year of her B.P.Ed program at LPU, Punjab.

Cwg Bronze Medallist Jasmine Lamboriya Joins Indian Army as Havaldar!

Jasmine ranks third among her four siblings. Her father, Jaibir, works as a security guard, and her mother, Jogendra Kaur, stays at home to raise their daughter. Jasmine’s dad, Jaybir Lamboria, is a contract security guard. Six years into her boxing career, Jasmine has established her unique identity by knocking out the nation to world champion.

Notable Accomplishments of Jasmine Lamboria

Jasmine Lamboria won a bronze medal in the 2021 Commonwealth Games, a silver medal at the 2021 Boxam International Boxing Tournament, and a bronze medal at the 2022 Asian Boxing Championship held in Dubai. My enlistment in the armed forces is something I am really pleased about.

Cwg Bronze Medallist Jasmine Lamboriya Joins Indian Army as Havaldar!

Now is the time to break a sweat in the ring in preparation for the ASEAN and Olympic Games in 2023. In the military, one also learns discipline. After this competition, I’ll be the army’s official representative for the country. For me, being the first female boxer to enlist in the armed forces is a huge accomplishment.

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