Danny Masterson Accused: Sexual Assault four women’s Allegations and Trial..!

Danny Masterson Accused: Sexual Assault four women’s Allegations and Trial..!

Daniel Peter Masterson is an American actor and DJ jockey, born on March 13, 1976, in New York City. That ’70s Show (1998–2006): Masterson played Steven Hyde; The Ranch (2016–2018): Jameson “Rooster” Bennett.

He was accused of raping three women between 2001 and 2003 on June 17, 2020, including one who was just 23 years old at the time of the alleged crimes. After a three-year inquiry that began in 2017, three charges have been filed. A 45-year prison sentence is possible if Masterson is found guilty.

Scientology ex-members who allege they were persecuted by the secretive church after coming forward with rape charges against actor Danny Masterson are pushing for their case to be handled in a public court rather than by religious arbitration.

In light of the Supreme Court of California ordering the appeals judges to rethink their prior decision to let the church rule on their claims, the 2nd District Court of Appeal took up the case this past Tuesday…

The ladies claim that the church has hired persons to track them, photograph them, tap their phones, hack their emails, and compromise the security of their homes and other personal belongings. One woman claims her dog was poisoned by the church after they dumped rat poison wrapped in raw meat on her property.


Scientology has a “written philosophy” that “not only discourages but prevents” people from coming forward with assault charges, a policy that has likely kept the women silent for years and casts doubt on the integrity of an internal process, a judge has noted.

Lawsuits against four women and their husbands were filed in 2019, but Scientology argues they agreed to resolve any complaints before a panel of Scientologists when they joined the organization.

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It’s been reported by the Los Angeles Times. There are five women who have come forward with allegations of rape against former That 70s Show actor Masterson. On top of that, there are three people implicated in the actor’s ongoing criminal prosecution, which could result in a 45-year prison sentence.

A trial court judge determined in January that the Scientologists’ panel of arbitrators had to resolve the harassment claims of the women since their arbitration agreement was binding. Even though the appellate court had concurred with the lower court, the California Supreme Court asked the appeals court to reexamine its decision.

According to the appeals court’s comments on Tuesday, the church’s process should continue unhindered. One member of the appeals panel said that the plaintiffs could take their case to court if they believe the procedure was unfair.


Marci Hamilton, the lawyer for the ladies, said that the religious tribunal would conduct an investigation solely according to Scientology cannon.’ As a result, she argued, the women no longer behold the church’s rules. According to WBRZ, Hamilton added, “This would be traumatizing for my clients”.

‘It would be a violation of their First Amendment freedom to believe and practice whatever religion they choose and to leave any religion they don’t want to be a part of,’ the attorney general said.

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Representative William Forman states that the arbitrators are members of the church who are in “good standing,” and that a “Scientology justice officer” chooses what evidence can be submitted to arbitration.

He also stated that the women involved in the complaint are not yet “subversive persons.” Chrissie Carnell Is Cedric ), her husband, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, the frontman of Mars Volta, and three other women launched a civil complaint in August 2019 against Mars Volta.

Both the harassment complaint and the criminal case against Masterson are separate. For the past seven years, the disgraced star has been married to actress/model Bijou Phillips and has been accused of three separate rapes of women ranging from 23 to 28 years of age between January and December 2001, April 2003, and December 2003.

To make matters worse, once the claims arose, Indiewire reports that Masterson was let go from Netflix’s The Ranch where he co-starred with That 70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher during the middle of filming the third season.

For lack of evidence and since the case was past its expiration date in both instances, however, the District Attorney’s Office decided not to press charges against 45-year-old Masterson.


L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, had a particular fondness for wooing celebrities to join the religion. It operates a number of ‘Celebrity Centres,’ including one in Los Angeles.

This photograph was taken on Instagram in January 2020 by Carnell-husband Bixler’s Bixler-Zavala, who claimed the church hired someone to poison raw meat in his yard with rat poison. His family dog had died the following day.

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She claimed that Masterson had an angry reaction. As she testified, “He punched me,” she said. “It was an open fist,” she added. “He stood over me and spit on me and called me white garbage,” Carnell-Bixler alleged.

When she and Masterson went out to dinner together in December 2001, she described how she had a “glass or two” of wine, and that she and Masterson had a “really good time.”Standing up to leave the restaurant was the last thing I recall doing that night.’ There’s nothing else that comes to mind.

In the morning, I had no recall of the previous night.’ The fact that I had no clothing on made me even more perplexed. In the beginning, my entire body and the back of my head were in pain. My rectum was swollen and bruised. Despite the small amount of blood, I was still in pain. ‘Sitting down hurt, as did use the restroom.’

She said she confronted Masterson. “What occurred last night?” I inquired of him. Injured in the bottom, I have no recall.’ He made fun of me and claimed that he had sex with me while we were there (in the rear area). I said that. No, I wasn’t awake at all, and he said, ‘Yes.’


Carnell-Bixler, whom Masterson persuaded to join the Church of Scientology, claimed she went to Church of Scientology leaders Miranda and Chris Scoggins to report the alleged anal rape. “He raped me,” “I told him.” And she said to me, “It is against the law to rape a romantic partner. Refrain from calling it that “‘ ‘

According to Carnell-Bixler, she was advised by Scientology leaders that she could be labeled a suppressive person for speaking out about the tragic event. Other Scientologists can deceive and eventually destroy that individual if they lie to them or scam them.

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One of the alleged victims, identified only as N. Trout, said the Scientologist actor ‘commanded’ her to come to his Hollywood Hills house, where she claims the actor assaulted her in the shower, then moved to his bed, where she was sexually “pounded” from the back, “like a jackhammer.” ‘I started to puke in my mouth…’

Every day, I feel like a rag doll being torn to shreds. The sex was quite abrasive. I didn’t have complete control of my faculties… I was exhausted. In an attempt to “act like a gentleman,” he wiped her stomach with a wet towel after he ejaculated on it.

Masterson didn’t answer Trout’s hello five years later at an event. ‘It seemed as though he was giving me the death glare. That man seemed like he was out for my death.”

According to her, the alleged rape was not reported to the Scientology Church. ‘Because I knew I was going to get in trouble: I had previously been advised that it is against Scientology policy to report a fellow Scientologist.


Masterson’s wife, Phillips, has remained by her husband in the face of several rape allegations and has even taken to Instagram to mock Carnell-claims Bixler’s that Scientologists killed her dogs.

John Phillips of the Mamas & the Papas was also supported by Phillips in her defense of her sister Mackenzie Phillips, who had accused her father of incest and sexual abuse.