Debunked: Woman Doesn’t Really ‘Fart’ During Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Case!

Debunked: Woman Doesn’t Really ‘Fart’ During Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Case!

During the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, a witness who farted repeatedly during her testimony became viral. On the plus side, she took full responsibility for the blunder. Over the past month,

the Depp-Heard trial has provided a number of notable events, including a witness vaping and driving while answering questions and Johnny Depp’s laughter in court, earning the case the moniker “more interesting than any Netflix series.”

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Woman Didn’t Actually ‘Fart’

Georgina “Gina” Deuters, the wife of Depp’s long-time employee Stephen Deuters, was featured in a video purporting to show her passing gas and then laying claim to it, and the clip quickly went viral on social media. Sadly, Mrs. Deuters was just the target of a cruel joke:

If you click the link below to view the actual footage, however, you will notice that there is no audio; this indicates that a malicious troll may have been involved in the editing process. Wonder no more as to how the Pirates of the Caribbean hero handled the sudden gust of wind: he handled it with a lot of styles. The noise wasn’t made in the courtroom, so it makes sense.

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Meet Gina Deuters

Gina (Georgina) Deuters is the girlfriend of Stephen (Deuters) Deuters, a long-time employee of Depp’s. Her spouse is the head of the production at IN.2 Film, Johnny Depp’s studio in the United Kingdom. IMDb claims that the head authorities and the actor have worked together for the past 18 years, with the actor functioning as the chief authorities’ assistant on 23 films, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Beasts.

Although Gina Deuters testified on April 14th, the viral video didn’t start to gain traction until May. She mentioned that she had seen Depp “smoke cannabis and, occasionally, cocaine,” implying that the actor had a drug and alcohol problem. She stated that Depp‘s manner was “nothing out of the usual” and that his behavior while intoxicated was not violent.

Judge Penney Azcarate had initially included Deuters’ assertions in the report but later removed them after learning that Deuters had viewed online clips of the trial (witnesses are often not allowed to watch trial safety because their testimony must be based purely on their own judgment).

Johnny Depp says he was 'broken' as his testimony ends in Amber Heard  defamation trial - National |

Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation over an op-ed she published in the Washington Post in 2018, despite the fact that the piece didn’t specifically name him. Heard has filed a countersuit against Depp.

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