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Joyce Meyer Reveals How God Cured Her Cancer ?

Joyce Meyer, a preacher and author, has shared how she depended on God’s power to sustain her through her cancer struggle. In 1988, Meyer was diagnosed with breast cancer. “It was a form of cancer with a very rapid growth rate,” she explains.

“Upon visiting the doctor for a checkup, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was out spreading the gospel of faith, and you know I wasn’t going to get breast cancer; I was praying for the healing of others. It was an extremely aggressive form of cancer.

“Initially, I was really terrified. I had to persevere and have faith that God was in charge of my life and would take care of me no matter what. Meyer notes, “I was not required to undergo chemotherapy.”

“They acquired everything. Every year, I undergo testing and receive a clean report. Everything is wonderful.”

However, Meyer describes how, years later, physicians detected lesions on her spine that may be metastasized breast cancer that has spread to her back.

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The results of her examination by doctors were startling.

“They returned and said, ‘Well, that’s an interesting development. It appears that you had had cancer in your spine, but it appears to have healed itself.’


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