Explaining The Arkon Mounts ‘VP’ Video That Goes Viral -Tiktok Users Burn Cleavage Commentary!

A video of a lady filming the vice president of Arkon Mounts making improper comments about her cleavage during a videotaped competition has gone popular on social media. In response to the uninvited criticism, Rachel shared that she was competing in the Arkon Mounts tumbler competition.

What Has Rachel Said About the Arkon Mounts ‘VP’?

Rachel, who goes by the name @the.creative.siren on TikTok, opened up about her experience competing in the Arkon Mounts tumbler competition. Rachel included video evidence on TikTok to demonstrate how Aaron Roth, the company’s VP of marketing, had criticized her breasts instead of her design skills.

Rachel appealed to her viewers, “TikTok, I need your aid so please don’t scroll.” The artist continued by saying that six of the eight minutes were spent talking about her breasts, which she claimed was excessive. The purported VP is heard saying, “I see something, I state what it is,” in the video. Just the way things are.

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The Artist Is Flooded with Support

Since Rachel’s TikTok video went viral, her admirers have showered her with encouragement. On LinkedIn, Bellevue University professor Cheryl Steede wrote, “Aaron Roth, VP Marketing at Arkon Mount-SHAME ON YOU. What an astonishing move on the part of the corporation to condone such behavior from a top executive.

Similarly, local companies vowed to sever ties with Arkon Mounts in the TikTok comments section. A supporter from The Glitter Guy introduced themselves as Patricia and said, “We are standing with you!” As a result, we are no longer working with Arkon Mounts.

They have my deepest sympathies for what they have done to you. Another user posted on TikTok, saying, “I’ve severed ties with them.” For the record, I support YOU. I’m very sorry you had to deal with this. No, that can’t happen.

I just wanted to say thank you so so so much to every one of you,” @The.creative. siren pinned thereafter. Your tremendous love and support have astonished me! For the record, my feelings toward you all are undying. To whom it may concern, please accept my gratitude.

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What Has Arkon Mounts Said?

According to LinkedIn, after the video gained popularity and shares, likes, and views, Arkon Mounts shut down their Instagram account. When the corporation found out about Roth’s remarks, they promptly announced that he had been fired.

According to a post on the company’s Instagram page, “We have been aware of an improper video created by Aaron Roth in which he made sexualized comments about a contestant in one of our creator challenges.”

The message continues, “As of today’s date, Mr. Roth is no longer employed with Arkon Resources.” We apologize to the victim of this incident and to anyone who was affected by seeing this shocking footage.

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