“Ezra Miller” Has Been Accused of Sheltering Three Teenagers and Their Mother on His Vermont Farm While Carrying a Gun!

“Ezra Miller” Has Been Accused of Sheltering Three Teenagers and Their Mother on His Vermont Farm While Carrying a Gun!

According to various sources, Ezra Miller has supposedly taken in a young mother and her three young children on a Vermont farm. As reported sources have raised fear over their safety, claiming that the actor’s home is littered with weaponry that has been left unlocked.

Reviewed footage from April seems to show at least eight assault rifles scattered throughout the living area. The two people who spoke to us said that the children were frequently and heavily exposed to the use of marijuana.

According to the publication, Miller owns a huge cannabis farm that is not one of the state’s 25 authorised farmers. “Perks of Being a Wallflower” star’s property has been home to a 25-year-old woman and her children since mid-April, according to a newspaper, who met in Hilo, Hawaii one month earlier.

Ezra Miller

The mother, on the other hand, claims that she and her family are safe. Her three young children had a “secure environment” because to Miller, she told the publication, who had helped her flee an allegedly “violent and abusive ex.”

It is said that the mother filed a domestic violence lawsuit against the father of her children and a paternity case against him in Hawaii last year, but both parties failed to appear in court and the case was dismissed. All claims of abuse by the father are denied by him.

In October 2021, a judge placed the paternity case on hold since the father had not been served. After she fled the state with the children in April, he filed a domestic violence lawsuit against her. That lawsuit has not yet been resolved.

Their dad claims Erza Miller flew the woman and her three children to his Vermont house without his permission. Miller identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. His kids haven’t seen or spoken to him since then, according to Rolling Stone.

Ezra Miller

According to the father, “I had a horrible feeling in my gut,” he stated. My children mean the f–king world to me, and I want to get them as soon as possible.” Amid concerns for his children’s welfare, he contacted the Vermont Department for Children and Families (DCF) and the local police.

Text conversations obtained by Rolling Stone reveal that a social worker visited Miller’s farm on May 16 and assured the parent that his children “looked okay,” but that they needed “more work.” This is only the most recent of a number of incidents involving Miller this year that have caused concern.

An 18-year-old North Dakota juvenile has been accused of reportedly grooming their child using “cult-like” and “psychological manipulative” practises, which the teen has vehemently rejected, according to the concerned parents.

Next week, a Massachusetts parent accused Miller of inappropriate behaviour with their child, 12. Neither the actor nor his parents were given advance notice of the restraining order since the court ruled that there was a “high risk of the immediate threat of harassment,” The Daily Beast reports.

Ezra Miller

In March and April, Miller was arrested on two separate occasions in Hawaii for disorderly behaviour and harassment and second-degree assault. In 2022, the actor was once again at the centre of controversy as a video surfaced showing them choking a fan in an Icelandic bar in Reykjavik.

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