Ferrari Bans Justin Bieber: Here’s Why Justin Bieber Is Allegedly Banned from Buying Ferrari!

Ferrari Bans Justin Bieber: Here’s Why Justin Bieber Is Allegedly Banned from Buying Ferrari!

Justin Bieber is one of the world’s most well-known pop stars. As of 2022, his net worth is considerably above $265 million. He has a large fleet of some of the world’s best and most costly automobiles, including Porsche, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and many others. However, Justin Bieber may be barred from purchasing Ferraris in the future.

Ferrari Has Barred Justin Bieber From Purchasing Its Automobiles:

There are numerous reports that Ferrari is making it harder for customers to purchase its legendary automobiles. There have also been numerous celebrity encounters with the legendary Italian supercar company. The company ceases and desist letter to world-famous DJ and electronic music producer Deadmau5 for using parody logos on his Nyan cat-themed 458 is perhaps the most infamous. This, on the other hand, is sure to rank towards the top of Ferrari’s list of incredible feats. Justin Bieber is no longer permitted to buy Ferrari automobiles.

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Ferrari’s Regulations:

Ferrari is picky about not only its automobiles but also the people who own them. Every Ferrari owner is expected to adhere to a set of guidelines. The buyer must sign a contract stating that the car will not be sold during the first year. The owner must also follow the law and maintain a good reputation.

You can’t buy a pink Ferrari as a customer. Herbert Appleroth, President and CEO of Ferrari Australia, stated that the company would never produce a pink car. Ferrari owners are also strongly advised from wrapping or altering their vehicles. All maintenance and repair work must be done through the company, or the guarantee will be nullified.

Bieber’s Theatrics And Actions, According To Ferrari, Are The Reason For The Ban:

ferrari bans justin bieber

Because of Bieber’s actions, Ferrari has decided to prohibit him from purchasing new automobiles, according to Marca. While certain things about Bieber’s behavior may spring to mind as a result of countless public relations disasters throughout his adolescence, rest assured that the specifics Ferrari describes are insignificant! That, on the other hand, is typical Ferrari corporate practice.

Ferrari, as everyone knows, does not like it when its cars are changed. As a result, Bieber’s widebody and wrap adjustments irritate the suits at the prancing horse. However, this isn’t the primary basis for the prohibition.

So, how did he go about it? maybe totaled a rare Ferrari into another paparazzi? Maybe he wrecked a valuable Ferrari? Is it possible that he got a DUI while driving his matte red 458? Nope! He parked his automobile, forgot where it was for two weeks, and then found it. What right does he have to say that?

Marca claims that this was the final straw in the Italian horse’s back. While that may be an ostentatious display of wealth and even reckless, the man must be really busy. In addition, he most likely owns a million automobiles. There’s a lot Justin Bieber has done wrong in the past, to be sure. The punishment, on the other hand, does not appear to be appropriate for the “crime” at hand.

Perhaps, like Deadmau5, Bieber will begin to spend his money on Lamborghini and McLaren.

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Justin Bieber Is prohibited From Purchasing A Ferrari:

Justin Bieber has lived the life of a typical adolescent. He has over 11 vehicles, including a Porsche Cayenne, Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Royce Ghost, Audi R8, Fisker Karma 408 Ecosport, and more. He has also uploaded several photos of his automobiles on Instagram in the past, however, he no longer does so.

ferrari bans justin bieber

He purchased the Ferrari in 2014 or 2015 and then had it wrapped by West Coast Customs. It was covered in frozen blue chrome, which rendered the car’s warranty null and void. Bieber was also stopped in his Ferrari and given a ticket for having an expired registration.

He allegedly parked his Ferrari and forgot about it for two weeks, according to reports. One of his teammates was tasked with tracking it down and retrieving the vehicle. For these reasons, Justin Bieber is rumoured to be barred from purchasing a Ferrari in the future. However, neither Bieber nor his management, nor Ferrari, have confirmed any of this.

However, according to Italian media, he is prohibited from purchasing a Ferrari.

Ferrari Has Also Banned The Following Celebrities:

Justin Bieber isn’t the first celebrity to be barred from attending a Ferrari event. Chris Harris, an automated journalist, and 50 Cent, a musician, both came out against the marque. Despite the fact that they may have had genuine reasons, both of them were banned by the firm and are unable to lawfully buy the brand’s vehicle.

ferrari bans justin bieber

Nicholas Cage, an actor, and Tyga, a rapper, are reportedly barred from the organization. Other well-known influencers, such as Floyd Mayweather and Kim Kardashian, are rumored to be on the company’s blacklist, though this has not been confirmed.

Even if Justin Bieber is banned by Ferrari, numerous major automobile manufacturers will welcome him to purchase their vehicles. Bieber, as a young superstar, wields enormous power over his fans, and many corporations would be delighted if he drove their vehicles. Bieber, like many of the other celebrities who have been banned by the corporation, already has a large fleet of vehicles.