Fia Bans Jewelry: The FIA Proposes Tough New Tactics To Enforce The Jewellery Ban!

Fia Bans Jewelry: The FIA Proposes Tough New Tactics To Enforce The Jewellery Ban!

The governing body of Formula One has implemented new rules aimed at preventing drivers from wearing jewellery on the circuit.

The FIA has taken steps to make it harder for drivers to wear jewellery on the track by adding addendums to the scrutineering paperwork that teams must approve before a Grand Prix weekend.

The Race Director’s remarks from the Australian Grand Prix re-iterated long-standing restrictions about drivers wearing jewellery on the track — drivers haven’t been allowed to do so since 2005, but the rule has never been strictly enforced.

In Australia, Lewis Hamilton joked about the permanence of some of his body piercings and jewellery, indicating that he’d find it tough to observe the regulation, while team boss Toto Wolff questioned whether the FIA truly intended to fight the drivers over the matter.

fia bans jewelry

The FIA’s Crackdown kicks Off In Miami:

The FIA’s ban jewelry Int ernational Sporting Code now prohibits the wearing of jewellery, and two Formula E drivers broke the law at last weekend’s Monaco E-Prix.

After the qualifying session, both Porsche’s Pascal Wehrlein and Jaguar’s Mitch Evans received a penalty point on their Super Licences for wearing metal chains around their necks when exiting their cars.

They were also given a suspended €1000 punishment, which will be imposed if they commit the same offence again.

The FIA has added a section to the necessary technical scrutineering forms that teams must sign on registration for each event ahead of the Miami Grand Prix weekend.

Two more sentences have been added to the papers, explaining the rules outlined in the International Sporting Code, which the teams must sign.

The teams must declare that their drivers do not wear any jewellery and that their racing underwear meets the FIA’s fire-resistant safety criteria.

These two characteristics are now included in the vehicle’s technical inspection. This means that if the requirements aren’t met, the registration may be deemed invalid. Normally, this would result in a ban, but in this circumstance, a fine or a grid penalty is more likely.

“I think it’s important to remember why wearing any form of jewellery is prohibited under the regulations, and that is to avoid injury,” Wolff told the media on Thursday evening in Miami, including

“Can you tell me where you draw the line?” It has the potential to cause injury, and I believe we all don’t want to see a bizarre accident where a follow-on injury from jewellery occurs.

“That is why the FIA is currently attempting to draw a line in the sand.” I can understand their point of view.

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The F1 Jewellery prohibition, According To Toto Wolff…

Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal, remarked, “What was needed was a communication between Lewis and Mohamed.”

“It is evident that the rules are in place to safeguard drivers.

“I am confident they will reach an agreement.”

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What Are The FIA’s Jewellery And Underwear Rules?

“Metallic objects, like as jewellery, in contact with the skin might limit heat transmission protection and hence may increase the risk of burn injuries in the event of a fire,” according to the revised recommendations released ahead of the Miami GP.

“Wearing jewellery during the competition can obstruct both medical interventions and subsequent diagnosis and treatment if an accident occurs.”

“The presence of jewellery can hinder the emergency removal of driver safety equipment such as a helmet, balaclava, and overalls due to the possibility of “snagging.”

“The presence of jewellery on the body can cause significant complication and delay if medical imaging is required to inform diagnosis following an injury.” In the worst-case scenario, the presence of jewellery during imaging could result in additional damage.

“Jewelry in and/or around the airway can provide particular additional dangers if it becomes dislodged and eaten or breathed after an accident.”

fia bans jewelry

“The above noted regulation is written to ensure that the FIA-approved Flame-resistant clothing, including both the outer layer overalls and the inner layer in contact with the skin, can operate effectively and provide the designed level of protection if exposed to flames,” Wittich said of the compliant underwear regulation.