Goldie Behl Net Worth: Journey of This Celebirty From Bottom To Top!

Goldie Behl, an Indian filmmaker, is also a businesswoman. He is a member of the Behl film family. Sonali Bendre, a well-known Bollywood actress,

is his wife and they have a daughter together. Prior to her cancer diagnosis, Sonali Bendre’s husband had her treated for the sickness, and was able to recover.

The Life and Work of Goldie Behl

“Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai” was Goldie Behl’s directorial debut, and he hasn’t had much success since then. There have been few films he has worked on,

but he has certainly made an effort to establish himself in the industry by using his own name. He inherited his father’s ability to direct films, and he may have followed in his father’s footsteps only to discover that it wasn’t worth it.

Nickname Goldie
Full Name Goldie Behl
Profession Filmmaker
Nationality Indian
Age 47 years old (in 2022)
Date of Birth 24 January 1975
Birthplace Mumbai, India
Religion Hinduism
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Film director Ramesh Behl is his father and has directed films like Kasame Vaade (a box office success), Pukar, and Apne Apne. She wasn’t as interested in direction as her brother or father, but he still has one sibling.


It was “Bas Itna Sa Khwab hai” that launched the career of Goldie Bhel. Director Drona also features actor Abhishek Bachchan. However, the film’s concept was not approved by the box office, and it was a disaster at the box office.

Angaraay, London Paris New York Nagarjuna, and Paris were all produced by him despite his failure as a filmmaker. He gave it a shot, despite the fact that none of the films made an impression.

In the wake of this realization, he launched Rose Audi Visuals, which went on to produce blockbuster shows like Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na, Remix, and Lipstick that were adored by the Indian audience.

Goldie Behl’s Salary and Net Worth

The total net worth of Goldie Behl is $250,000.Goldie Behl has a net worth of 11 Crore. ” The main source of Goldie Behl’s income comes from Movies, Acting & sponsorship of different brands.

Goldie Behl’s earnings for the year have yet to be fixed, but he is likely to see an increase in pay, similar to that of 2021.

Salary 4-5 Million
Net Worth ₹11 Crore

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Personal Life

Through both of his parents, Goldie is linked to a number of high-ranking Hindi film actors and directors. His father, Ramesh Behl, is a well-known film filmmaker, and his brother, Shyam Behl, is also a well-known film director.

Shyam and Ramesh Behl’s sister Shukla Devi Tuli is married to Bollywood superstar Rajendra Kumar Tuli. Kumar Gaurav, Geeta Behl, and Ravi Behl, the offspring of Shyam Behl, are Goldie’s first cousins.


Prithviraj Kapoor’s first cousin, Goldie’s mother, was an actress named Kamal Kapoor (they were the children of two sisters, both of who were married to men named “Kapoor”). Shrishti Arya, Goldie’s sister, is a software producer and has worked with her brother on numerous projects.

On November 12, 2002, Goldie married Sonali Bendre, a former Bollywood actress. As of the 11th day of August of 2005, they were parents to Ranveer Behl, born in Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital.


Goldie Behl, the most talented man, has gained success and fame in both his career and his business. He has a reputation as a talented filmmaker and is well-known for his work. ‘Drona’ became one of the most credited pictures among many others.

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Goldie Behl: Fascinating Facts and Mysteries

  • He got his start as a film assistant working with Mahesh Bhatt.
  • His paternal grandfather Ramesh Behl was also a well-known Bollywood director in the industry.
  • In 2019, he created and directed a web series titled REJCTX, which he also wrote and starred in.