Hailey Bieber Pregnant With child? Rumours After Grammys 2022 Appearance With Justin Bieber…!!

Hailey Bieber Pregnant With child? Rumours After Grammys 2022 Appearance With Justin Bieber…!!

Hailey Bieber has replied to pregnancy rumours that surfaced after she wore a flowy gown to the Grammy Awards 2022 with Justin Bieber.

Hailey Bieber, who recently walked the red carpet with her husband Justin Bieber at the Grammy Awards, has addressed the pregnancy rumours.

The rumours began to circulate when she and Justin Bieber attended the Grammy Awards earlier this week. She wore a flowy ivory gown at the music industry’s biggest event. Her clothing was a little baggy, which made her supporters wonder if she was expecting. Hailey, on the other hand, has finally spoken out about the situation and stated unequivocally that she is not expecting a child.

She responded on an Instagram post, “I’m not pregnant, leave me alone.” “Fans are certain Hailey Bieber is pregnant when she walks the Grammys red carpet in a flowing gown with hubby Justin Bieber,” read the post on which the diva commented.

Leave Me Alone": Hailey Bieber Leaves Instagram Comment Denying She's Pregnant

Both Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber wore flowy clothing on the Grammy Awards 2022 red carpet. Justin Bieber was dressed in an oversized blazer suit, a bright pink headgear, and unusual shoes. Hailey, on the other hand, chose a strapless gown with a big train. She completed the look with a swarm of delicate necklaces.

Is Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber Expecting A Child?

The model responded to a RadarOnline Instagram post speculating that she was expecting her first child with Justin Bieber and that she was pregnant. Fans thought Saint Laurent’s “flowing gown” she wore on the 2022 Grammys red carpet was concealing a baby pregnancy, according to the April 4 post.

Hailey, on the other hand, denied the “Baby” rumour with a simple statement: “I’m not pregnant, so leave me alone.”Hailey, 25, was at the Grammys to show her support for Justin, 28, and his eight nominations. Despite the fact that he did not leave with a golden gramophone, he did so with his date. Justin wore an enormous Balenciaga suit, a pink beanie, and Crocs to the occasion.

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Despite the fact that she is not currently pregnant, Hailey has expressed her wish to have children in the future.

Justin Bieber: Our World, an Amazon Prime documentary, follows Justin as he travels across the world “My plan for 2021 is to continue setting goals and having fun while doing so,” the singer says. “Make sure I put my family first,” she says, adding, “and hopefully we’ll get a little nugget out of it.”

Hailey Bieber sparks HUGE reaction with adorable baby photo | HELLO!

“In 2021?” Hailey exclaimed. Justin’s response was, “The…end…of…the… the year 2021? When do we begin to try?” After a little pause, she finally responded, “Okay, that’s possible. We’ll have to wait and see.”

The misreported pregnancy follows a health scare earlier this month. “I was seated at breakfast with my hubby when I started getting stroke-like symptoms and was brought to the hospital,” Hailey said on her Instagram Story on March 12 after experiencing a blood clot in her brain just days earlier.

She explained, “They discovered I had a very small blood clot in my brain, which caused a small loss of oxygen.” “However, my body was able to pass it on its own, and I was entirely recovered within a few hours.”

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After Her Grammys Appearance, Hailey Bieber Debunked Pregnancy Rumours:

Hailey Bieber is sick of people making comments about her body. So much so that she defended herself in response to a recent post that implied the Drop the Mic host was expecting a child.

Following the 2022 Grammy Awards, Radar Online shared an image from the red carpet of Hailey Bieber and her husband, Justin Bieber, with the caption “There was conjecture about whether or not the pair were expecting a baby.” What is the proof? Hailey had opted to wear a flowy column gown.

Bieber fans quickly flooded the comments section, expressing their displeasure with the publication’s treatment of the model’s physique, with many claiming that no one ever suspected she was pregnant in the first place. After all, wearing “baggy” garments does not imply concealing a pregnancy. The 25-year-old then made a pointed statement in response to the post. “I’m not pregnant, so leave me alone,” she simply stated.

“Some admirers felt it was a well-designed style choice,” according to the site, to wear a loose-fitting white Saint Laurent gown to disguise a rumored “baby bump.” Alternatively, the IMG model could simply be wearing a frock she likes. The Grecian-style column dress’s white fabric cascaded down, and the hem featured mermaid tapering. Her “Justice” singer husband wore an enormous grey suit and a pink hat, and she looked lovely in this basic design.

Sadly, Hailey isn’t the first — nor will she be the last — star to have to put down comments about her physique. Celebrities are frequently the target of pregnancy rumors based on factors such as weight growth, style choices, and even the random illusions that particular angles can provide. Speculations that have many people, including Justin Bieber, begging to be left alone.

After people pointed out her weight gain, singer Jessie J  recently shut down online speculations that she was pregnant. This happened only a few months after the singer revealed her ongoing pregnancy and recent miscarriage. She told People that people commenting on her body is “so odd and darn bold,” especially after she’s been so honest about these traumatic events in her life in the past.