how old was moses when he died

How Old Was Moses at His Death?

It would be hard to believe if you heard that a loved one of yours had lived to be 120 years old. The general public would likely remark, “Wow, they lived a long life on Earth.”

It’s possible that an Old Testament character might view Moses’s death at the age of 120 as untimely if you informed them that’s how long he lived. Even as he passes away, his eyes and vitality are unfaded (Deuteronomy 34:7).

In contrast to other biblical heroes, like Isaac, who may have gone blind as a result of old age, Moses passes away seemingly in his prime, with his eyesight still intact, and seemingly capable of living for many more years.

The question then becomes why God would allow Moses to die at such a young age. Could Moses have done something wrong in his life that led to his untimely demise? We’re going to answer these questions and more.

How Old Was Moses when He Died?

According to The Torah, Moses Lived to a Ripe Old Age of 120. to This Day, His Untimely Demise Is Lamented as A Tragic Loss Because He Never Reached His Life’s Objective—the Promised Land. However, There Are Other Possible Interpretations of Moses’ Death.

how old was moses when he died

The Article Explains the Literary and Historical Context of Deuteronomy’s References to Moses’ Death. that The Israelites Survived the Long Trek and Eventually Entered the Country Given to Them Suggests that Moses’ Death Occurred at The Correct Time.

Moses’s Life in Order of Time

Pharaoh Had Ordered the Egyptians to Kill All Male Hebrew Babies, Thus Even Though His Mother Was Hebrew, He Would Have Been Killed at Birth. as Moses Matured, God Provided for His Protection. an Egyptian Princess Named Miriam Discovered Moses Floating on The Nile. She Arranged for Moses’ Mother to Raise Him, and Later She Raised Him Herself.

He Reigns for 40 Years until He Murders an Egyptian Who Mistreated a Hebrew Slave. He Takes Off Into the Desert, Finds Midian, and Stays There for The Next Four Decades with The Woman Who Would Become His Wife.

Moses Was 80 Years Old when God Appeared to Him in A Burning Bush and Commanded Him to Return to Egypt and Convince Pharaoh to Free the Israelites. as We All Know, Moses Went Back to Egypt and 10 Plagues Fell upon The Country Because the Egyptians Still Wouldn’t Allow the Hebrews Go. the Egyptians Initially Agreed to Let Them Escape After the Tenth Plague, but Then Reversed Their Decision and Pursued Them Across the Red Sea.

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Why Did People in The Bible Live for So Long?

If We Had Been Around Before the Flood, We Could Have Realized that Many People Were Able to Live to Ripe Old Ages. After a Long and Fruitful Life of 969 Years, Methuselah Passes Away on The Verge of The Flood. and Moses Makes It to 120, Despite the fact that He Seemed to Have Many More Years in Him.

how old was moses when he died

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But Doesn’t the Bible Predict that No One Will Live to Be 120 After the Flood? Seeing how Evil Humans Are, God Declares in Genesis 6:3 that “then the Lord Said, “my Spirit Will Not Struggle with People Forever, for They Are Mortal and Will only Live for 120 Years.”

However, It Appears that Humans Are Able to Live for More than 120 Years After the Flood. Abraham Reaches the Age of 175, and Isaac Reaches the Age of 180. and So, What’s the Deal? Some Have Interpreted This To suggest that God granted mankind 120 years to repent before sending the Flood because he realized their wicked ways during that time. This comment seemed to back up such an interpretation.

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