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Moses’s life can be divided into three forty-year periods. Acts 7:23 indicates that for the first forty years of his life, Moses was a member of the Egyptian royal family. Once Moses decided to aid the Israelites instead of the Egyptians, he was compelled to spend the remainder of his life in exile (Acts 7:30).

After returning to Egypt to free Israel from slavery, Moses lived for an additional 40 years. So, Moses was a prince for forty years, an exiled shepherd for forty years, and then the leader of a group of emancipated slaves for forty years.

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How Old Was Moses When He Died?

Investigating Moses Old Testament Authorship Is Important

The Torah states that Moses died at 120 years of age, which is a fairly advanced age. Still, his premature death is typically viewed as tragic because he did not reach the Promised Land, his life’s aim. But this is not the only way to view Moses’ death.

This article explains the historical and literary context of the references to Moses’ death in the book of Deuteronomy. It relates that Moses’ death occurred at the correct time and place in the lives of the people, and that they survived the trek and reached the promised land.

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Moses’s Life in Order of Time

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Even though he was born to an Israelite mother, Pharaoh commanded the Egyptians to murder all male Israelite infants. God arranged for Moses’ safety as he got older. Moses was discovered in the Nile by an Egyptian princess. She had Moses’ mother care for him while he was little, and then she raised him as her own child.

For forty years, he reigns as king in Egypt, until he kills an Egyptian for mistreating a Hebrew slave. He flees into the desert and winds himself in Midian, where he meets his wife and spends the next four decades of his life.

At age 80, God appears to Moses as a burning bush and instructs him to travel to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to release the Israelites. For those who are familiar with the narrative of Moses, he returns to Egypt, and ten plagues strike Egypt because they refused to allow the Hebrews leave. After the tenth plague, the Egyptians initially let them go, but subsequently reversed their decision and pursued them across the Red Sea.

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Why Did People in the Bible Live for So Long?

Before the flood, we may have observed that a great number of individuals lived for very lengthy periods of time. Methuselah lived 969 years before passing away just before the Flood. And Moses appears to live to be 120, despite the fact that he appeared to have lived for many more years.

But doesn’t the Bible state that people won’t live past 120 years after the flood? In fact, Genesis 6:3 states that when God sees how evil people are, he declares, “Then the Lord declared, ‘My Spirit will not struggle with people forever, for they are mortal and will only live 120 years.'”

However, humans appear to live beyond 120 years following the flood. Abraham lives to be 175, but Isaac lives to be 180. So what’s going on? Some have interpreted this to suggest that God gave humans 120 years to amend their ways before to the Flood since he realised how evil they were. This comment appears to corroborate the same conclusion.


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