How Old Was Walt Disney when He Died

How Old Was Walt Disney when He Died?

Walt Disney is possibly one of the most well-known figures in American film history. However, the vast majority of people do not know a great deal about him or his life. This animation master died from a tumour discovered while preparing for a medical treatment.

Disney’s Early Years

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The birth date of Walt Disney is December 5, 1901. His parents were Elias and Flora Disney Call. His family moved to a tiny farm in Missouri when he was young. Here, Disney began to draw and established his affinity for the art form.

One of the Disney family’s neighbours paid for some of Walt’s drawings and commissioned him to depict his horse. The Disney family relocated to Kansas City in 1911. Walt attended Benton Elementary School.

He developed a significant relationship with Walter Pfeiffer. He was introduced to movie pictures and vaudeville by Walter. As a young child, he began taking classes at the Kansas City Art Institute.

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Walt Disney’s Death

Walt was scheduled to undergo neck surgery in 1966. This neck operation would remedy an old polo injury he had sustained. During pre-surgery X-rays, it was determined that Walt Disney had a massive lung tumour. In November 1966, physicians diagnosed longtime smoker Disney with lung cancer. The following month, on December 15 at age 65, he passed away at a hospital in Burbank.

Beginnings of Disney’s Career

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In 1917, Walt’s father relocated the family to Chicago, where Walt enrolled in high school and attended evening classes at the Chicago Art Institute. He dropped out of high school to join the military, but his application was denied due to his age. Walt moved back to Kansas City in 1919 to launch his career as an artist.He obtained employment at the Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio, where he designed advertisements for periodicals, newspapers, and motion pictures. Together, he and another cartoonist named Ubbe Iwerks decided to launch a commercial enterprise. Iwerks and Disney founded the company Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists, but it did not endure long.Also  Read: The 18-year-Old MMA Star Victoria Lee Has Passed Away

Then, Disney acquired an interest in animation, and he opted to pursue this instead of cartooning. He chose to start his own animation studio with Fred Harman, a former colleague from the advertising agency. They dubbed their animations “Laugh-O-Grams” and obtained a theatre with Frank Newman to screen their animations.


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