how tall is elon musk

How Tall is The Top Billionaire Elon Musk?

If Jeff Bezos is the king of Amazon, then Elon Musk is the divine father of the technology industry. He is essentially a mission-driven individual who has repeatedly proven everyone wrong and will certainly do it again. Others in the IT sector respect him. And his name is Elon Musk.

As you may know, Elon Musk is a broad and tall man. Individuals who have met Elon Musk commonly state that they were unaware of his size and stature before to seeing him in person. Musk had stated that he was 6 feet 2 inches (about 188cm) tall, but later revealed on Twitter that he is actually 6 feet 1.5 inches tall (around 187cm).

So, what exactly is Elon Musk’s height? Immediately learn the truth regarding his weight.

Who is Elon Musk?
10 Things You Didn't Know About Elon Musk

Still, it is preferable to get to know Elon Musk first. The location of his birth was Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa. On June 28, Elon Musk celebrates his birthday. As in 2022, he is already 51 years old.

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His Family and Schooling

Errol Musk and Maye Musk are popularly recognised as Elon Musk’s parents. His father is a South African seaman, pilot, and electro-mechanical engineer, and his mother was a licenced dietitian and model from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Tosca, his younger sister, and Kimbal, his younger brother, are Elon Musk’s younger siblings. Dr. Joshua Haldeman, a Canadian-born American, was Elon’s maternal grandfather, while his grandmother was British. He is of English, French Huguenot, Afrikaner/Dutch, German, and Swiss German ancestry.

After completing Waterkloof House Preparatory School, Elon graduated from Pretoria Boys High School in 1989. Elon Musk enrolled in an undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, after completing high school.

Musk then elected to attend the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the College of Arts and Sciences two years later. In addition, Elon Musk earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School of Business.

At the age of 24, Elon Musk moved to California to pursue a Ph.D. in applied material science and physics at Stanford University. He quit the training after only two days in order to pursue his ambition of becoming an entrepreneur.

How Tall is Elon Musk Exactly?

how tall is elon musk

Co-founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors and a successful entrepreneur in our time. Nevertheless, what is Musk’s actual height? According to numerous reports, Elon Musk’s height is 6 feet 1.5 inches (1.87 m). His actual height surpasses that of the medina American, who is approximately 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m) tall.

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In addition, Elon Musk is taller than several of his wealthy contemporaries, including Mark Zuckerberg (5 feet 7 inches, or approximately 1.70 metres) and Bill Gates (5 feet 11 inches, or approx. 1.80 m).

Surprisingly, Elon Musk’s real height may have had a role in his success. According to a study published in Nature, taller persons are more likely to be CEOs than shorter ones. The researchers discovered that for every additional inch of height, the likelihood of becoming a CEO increased by 0.6%. Therefore, if you want to be the next Elon Musk, you should begin by growing a few inches taller.

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