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Whereabouts Of The Third Member Hurby Azor Of ‘Salt N Pepa’

If you want to know what Hurby Azor is doing now, you may view his most recent work on Lifetime on Saturday, January 23. The successful music producer, who recently judged the Haitian talent programme Digicel Star of Stars, is one of the co-executive producers of Lifetime’s forthcoming Salt-N-Pepa biopic.

And this function in the background makes sense. According to AllMusic, Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor not only co-wrote the popular song “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa, but he also discovered a “successful formula of pop-crossover rap production” that enabled the ’90s hip-hop trio to multi-platinum success.

Who Is Hurby Azor?

He goes under the titles “Luv Bug” and “Fingerprints” as a rapper and music producer. With a pop sensibility, he cleared the ground for the commercialization of rap music. Hurby is a well-known music producer who recognised Salt n’ Pepa’s potential and assisted them in realising it.

He penned the award-winning and chart-topping song “Push It” for Salt n’ Pepa, which went on to earn other accolades. As a composer, he has contributed to various television programmes. His creations have appeared in a variety of successful media, including the films Stepsisters and Mike & Mike, among others.

On September 26, 1964, Hurby Azor came into being. In 1985, he first achieved recognition due to Salt n’ Pepa’s popularity, and he has subsequently collaborated with a vast array of artists.

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Salt-N-Pepa Is Behind Hurby Azor

Salt-n- On January 22, 2021, The New York Times published an article with Pepa in which the band expressed gratitude to Hurby for assisting them in achieving success. Salt responded, “Pep usually claims that Hurby is our third,” It was evident that they viewed him favourably.

Hurby contributed invisibly as a composer and songwriter to the band’s numerous hit albums.

Where is Hurby Azor Now?

Hurby is employed in the music industry, where he composes new songs and identifies emerging musicians. “Salt n’ Pepa,” an autobiographical film on which he worked as a producer, was distributed with his name mentioned on Distractify. Recently, he appeared as a judge on the popular Haitian show “Dogicel of Stars.”

Hurby Is the Third Member of The Group, Pepa Says.

Salt and Pepa, who also acted as executive producers, recently discussed the relevance of Hurby in the film with The New York Times.

Salt stated, “The truth is the truth” to the publication. Hurby was the individual we required. When we first met, I was dating him. He emanated the characteristics of an artist and bestowed them upon us… My vocal abilities were nonexistent. I never had musical talent. Hip-hop enabled me to pursue my passions through Hurby, which is why I adore it so much.

According to Pepa, “Hurby threw me into the studio when he determined I would become Pepa.” Hurby saw everything in his imagination. He required that it be uttered and performed in a particular manner. I struggled initially to keep up with the rhythm. I finally comprehended it.

On so many levels, the chemistry between the three of us was combustible,” Salt added. “Pep always states, ‘Hurby is our third,'” When they were little, Pep and Hurby frequently fought. Instantaneously, a flood of creativity, emotion, and drama resonated through music and dance.

Back then, Salt-N-Pepa may not have needed Hurby’s help to achieve success, but in the age of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, anything is possible.

We were required to across a Hurby,” Salt told the New York Times. Once upon a time, the approbation of a camp, specifically a man camp, was required. However, with the rise of social media and other platforms, it is now simpler than ever for regular people to gain prominence.

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