is addison rae pregnant

What Other Pregnancy Rumors Has Addison Rae Faced?

The birth of Addison Rae Easterling occurred on October 6, 2000. She is an American actress and social media celebrity. Forbes said in August 2020 that she was the highest-earning TikTok star. Forbes named Addison Rae one of the “30 Under 30” social media influencers in 2021.
In 2019, Rae began posting regularly on TikTok, and her dancing videos swiftly gained popularity. She had over 88 million followers as of July 31, 2022, making her the fourth most followed individual on the platform.
In 2021, she released her debut single, “Obsessed,” and had her acting debut in the Netflix original film He’s All That, which was a remake of the 1999 film She’s All That with a male protagonist.

Early years

is addison rae pregnant

Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling reared Addison Rae Easterling in Lafayette, Louisiana, where she was born. Rae has two younger brothers, Enzo and Lucas Lopez, as well as an older half-sister, Macye Neumeyer, who has two daughters of her own.

Addison’s parents divorced when she was young and spent much of her childhood apart before reconciling in 2017. Sheri has 14 million followers and Monty has 5 million on her TikTok account.

Rae started participating in dance at the age of six. She participated in tournaments across the nation. Prior to relocating to Los Angeles to seek a career on TikTok, the dancer briefly attended Louisiana State University (LSU). She studied sports broadcasting in the fall, but dropped out after she gained popularity on TikTok.

Addison Rae discusses her desire to relocate to Los Angeles in an Elle magazine interview. “A couple individuals in Los Angeles contacted me, and I felt, ‘I must go. I must depart.’ Therefore, my parents assisted me in every way.

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Is She Pregnant?


Addison’s admirers believe she is pregnant because the comments section of her November 5, 2021 TikTok video was randomly filled with messages congratulating her on the pregnancy.

Since she did not announce her pregnancy immediately on TikTok, many flocked to her Instagram and Twitter to check whether she had done so there. She did not post anywhere about being pregnant, thus it is unclear where this rumour originated.

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How Did the Addison Rae Pregnancy Rumor Start?

The rumours were shown to be part of an internet hoax. The TikTok user @OldRod thought it would be amusing to create a little bit of turmoil on social media for fun. Why don’t we all just comment on Addison Rae’s page and express our happiness for her? What prevents us from confusing those who don’t get the joke?”

Together, these individuals spread one of the year’s most salacious bogus pregnancy rumours. OldRod continued by stating that he intended to spread “a large, complicated rumour for no cause.”

In actuality, they were successful! If enough people collaborate to fabricate a lie, others may begin to believe it. Unfortunately, the way social media functions can result in such problems.

Addison has not commented on the report, but this is not the first time she has dealt with such speculation. Article continues below advertisement

Addison is familiar with dealing with the rumour mill. Back in July 2020, she had to dispel pregnancy rumours that were circulating when she posed for photographs with her hand on her stomach. In response to a fan’s tweet asking if she was pregnant, she stated, “No, I’m just insecure.” On the YouTube channel Celeb Livin, her boyfriend at the time, Bryce Hall, clarified that she is not pregnant. Why does that exist? I’m not sure.”

It must be quite irritating to have to repeatedly explain that you are not pregnant. Addison’s decision not to discuss the current pregnancy rumour makes sense, given that she has previously dealt with a similar situation. Addison continues to prioritise posting cool content on TikTok and releasing new music.



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