is chiquis rivera pregnant

Is American singer Chiquis Rivera Pregnant?

Wait a minute. Is Chiquis Rivera pregnant? According to rumours, the American singer and eldest daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, whose true name is Janney Marn Rivera, and her husband Lorenzo Mendez have reconciled after a brief separation.

Is Chiquis Rivera Pregnant?

All indications pointed to the likelihood that Chiquis Rivera and her husband, the musician Lorenzo Mendez, were headed for a divorce less than a year after getting married. Chiquis was said to have dated Jorge Cuevas, aka Mr. Tempo, for a brief period of time, but this no longer appears to be the truth.

In actuality, Chiquis and Lorenzo may be reunited, and their marriage has taken yet another unexpected turn.

Not exactly one month after appearing on the digital cover of People en Espaol detailing her divorce from the “Imperfectamente Perfecta” singer, it appears that the two celebrities are once again in a passionate relationship.

Moreover, Chiquis Rivera is reportedly pregnant with their first child, according to rumours.

Is Chiquis Rivera Pregnant? Here's Why Everyone Thinks the Singer's Expecting

Chiquis reportedly drove to El Paso, Texas, where her husband was making a music video for his upcoming album, to bring the good news. Although neither Chiquis nor Lorenzo has confirmed the claims publicly, it is likely just a matter of time until they do.

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In addition, several Latinx media groups are examining all of Chiquis’ social media activities for indications that she is pregnant, including her photos and tweets.

When she tweeted on December 5 that “a bacon western cheeseburger would hit the spot right now,” many assumed that her yearning for Carl’s Jr. stemmed from pregnancy cravings.

The similar thing occurred when Chiquis posted a photo of her grandmother’s pozole with the message, “The best nourishment for the soul Equals grandma’s food.”

Tanya Charry, a journalist from Colombia, revealed to Univision’s El Gordo y la Flaca that Chiquis had appeared in El Paso after weeks of not communicating with Lorenzo, ostensibly to inform him that he was about to become a parent.

Tanya followed by speculating that the pregnancy rumours could be a publicity gimmick by the couple, especially in light of Lorenzo’s upcoming and highly anticipated Christmas single “Amarga Navidad.”

While Lorenzo’s Instagram page is flooded with comments from followers eagerly awaiting his and Chiquis’s announcement, Jenni Rivera’s daughter is behaving somewhat more secretive.

“Chiquis, of course, has not directly addressed the pregnancy rumours, but she has reposted a comment in which Cardi B discusses her own pregnancy,” Tanya added.

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