Is Zendaya pregnant: Tiktok Rumor Debunked..!

Is Zendaya pregnant: Tiktok Rumor Debunked..!

Zendaya and Tom Holland are achieving major relationship milestones, and fans can’t wait to see what the power couple has in store for them next.

In the midst of their steamy romance and the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, rumours are circulating that Zendaya is expecting Tom’s child in 2022.

If you’ve been on TikTok, you’ve probably seen a few videos that claim to “reveal” Zendaya’s pregnancy, but it’s simply not true.

Is Zendaya pregnant

Zendaya Is Surely Pregnant?

Fans would love to see Zendaya and Tom take their relationship to the next level, but the actress is not pregnant with her boyfriend’s child.

These rumours are based on TikToks that predict Zendaya’s future, which includes pregnancy and engagement.

Is Zendaya pregnant

These, however, are baseless claims with no evidence to back them up. Neither Zendaya nor Tom has addressed the rumours, nor have they even hinted at getting married.

Some have even gone so far as photoshopping Zendaya’s pictures from red carpet appearances to make it appear as if she’s pregnant. Don’t be taken in by these!

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H0w Long, Have They Been In A Dating Relationship?

Fans have been left guessing about the duo’s relationship status for years due to on and off dating rumours.

They first appeared as a couple on-screen in 2016 as Peter Parker and MJ’s love interests.

They began attracting attention when fans noticed the two’s staged chemistry come to life during red carpet appearances and other events.

In 2017, a source told  People that the actors were dating but kept it quiet because they wanted to keep it private.

Is Zendaya pregnant


For years, the actress denied dating rumours until they were spotted kissing at a red light in Los Angeles in July 2021.

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Fans React T0 Rumor Of Pregnancy:

Some fans began to believe Zendaya was indeed pregnant. Here’s how a few of them reacted on social media…

“My friend said Zendaya must be pregnant and she has to make sure her baby bump isn’t showing in the photos,” one tweeted

A few fans compared the latest rumours to Rihanna’s fabricated pregnancy. “If Rihanna and Zendaya are pregnant, I’m going to check myself in,” one tweet said.

Another “If I find out Zendaya is pregnant, I’m joining the Sinister Six,” another fan wrote.

The backstory To Zendaya’s Pregnancy Announcement:

The origin of the rumour is unknown, but it gained popularity after a Tiktok video claimed the actress would marry and have a child in 2022. The video sparked the rumour and set off a chain reaction of content centred on Zendaya’s pregnancy.

Several videos on the platform feature morphed images of the Spider-Man actress with a protruding belly. Because of the unnatural way it was done, the photos appear photoshopped upon closer inspection.

Is Zendaya pregnant

After no proof could be found, the rumours were debunked. However, this did not stop people on Twitter from repeating the claims and making assumptions.