James Cameron Net Worth: How This Person Become So Rich? Latest Update!

James Cameron, the Canadian film director, producer, and screenwriter behind a number of immensely successful blockbusters and feature films, has an astounding estimated net worth of $700 million.

James Cameron, one of Hollywood’s most well-known directors, was named the single highest-paid person in 2011, which is not surprising given that he directed the world’s two most commercially successful films,

the 1997 romantic disaster film “Titanic,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and the 2009 science fiction film “Avatar,” starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana.

James Cameron’s Childhood

Cameron was born in the Canadian province of Ontario on August 16, 1954. He comes from a family of five brothers and sisters. When Cameron was 17 years old, his family moved to Brea, California. Cameron enrolled at Fullerton College in 1973 but dropped out after a year due to family obligations.

james early life

In order to boost his income, he took on odd jobs like truck driver and janitor. He had always enjoyed writing, and after seeing Star Wars in 1977, he decided to quit his job and pursue a full-time career in the film industry.

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James Cameron’s Net Worth

James Cameron comes in third on our ranking of the wealthiest directors. Cameron, who was born in Canada, is known for films such as Aliens, Rambo II, Terminator, and Titanic.

His films have grossed over $1.9 billion USD, and he is credited with directing two of the highest-grossing films of all time: Titanic and Avatar. Cameron was the first person to direct a $100 million dollar film, among many other accomplishments.

The Terminator, Aliens, Rambo II, The Abyss, Terminator 2, True Lies, Titanic, and Avatar were all directed by James Cameron. His films have grossed over $1.9 billion in the United States alone. His films have grossed $6.3 billion worldwide.

Net Worth: $700 Million
Name: James Cameron
Salary: $58 Million +
Monthly Income: $4 Million +

Success in Life

Cameron’s career was launched when he directed The Terminator in 1984. He famously sold the rights to his plot concept to producer Gale Anne Hurd for $1, desperate to have the film completed without compromising his vision.

Hurd agreed to let Cameron direct the film himself in exchange. Selling his concept offered both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, the original Terminator, directed by James Cameron, grossed $78 million on a $7 million budget.

It was also chosen for preservation by the United States National Film Registry decades later. Cameron also lost control of future Terminator sequels, merchandise, and other properties.


Cameron will later be forced to watch his child star in other heinous films, including Terminator: Genisys. However, in 2019, James was able to reclaim the franchise rights because of a deal he signed in 1984.

Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2001) were two of James Cameron’s most successful films (2009). Titanic got 14 Academy Award nominations in 1998, tying it with the 1950s All About Eve for the most ever. Titanic is also Cameron’s second picture to be selected for preservation in the National Film Registry of the United States.

Avatar, the 2009 3D phenomenon, was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won three (for Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects.)

Private Life

Cameron is a Canadian national who has lived in America since 1971. He petitioned for citizenship in the United States in 2004 but withdrew his application when George W. Bush was elected president.

Cameron has five times tied the knot. From 1978 to 1984, he was married to Sharon Williams. Cameron married film producer Gale Anne Hurd a year after his divorce from Williams. In 1989, they divorced.

From 1989 until 1991, he was married to director Kathryn Bigelow. The couple bought a property in Beverly Hills for $1.8 million shortly after getting married. Kathryn advertised this house for $13 million in 2018.

james wife

Cameron’s first daughter, Josephine Archer Cameron, was born in 1993 to actress Linda Hamilton. Cameron married actress Suzy Amis in 1997, but the couple divorced 18 months later amid accusations of an affair.

He was ordered to pay Hamilton a $50 million settlement when they separated. Cameron married Amis, his sixth wife, in 2000. They have a son and two daughters together.

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Real Estate

Cameron divides his time between his California and New Zealand homes. He allegedly paid $16 million for 2,500 acres of New Zealand farmland in 2012 and developed a ranch there.

From 1989 to 2020, James’ principal LA residence was a villa in Serra Retreat, a gated neighborhood in the hills above Malibu. He built a 4.5-acre compound out of various structures (basically two enormous mansions) with a total of 16,000 square feet of living space and 11 bedrooms, as well as two pools, multiple spas, and other amenities.

In September 2020, James will put the mad compound up for sale for $25 million. Take a look at this video tour: One of the two properties in the video above sold for $8.2 million in June 2021. A former Cameron-owned Malibu estate stretches over 700 acres.

james cmeron

The land was acquired in successive transactions, beginning with a $5.4 million acquisition of 500 acres in 1999. He listed the entire 700-acre property for $25 million in 2007. He was unable to find a buyer in the end. The area was purchased for $12 million by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, a government non-profit.

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