jawed karim net worth

How YouTube Co-Founder “Jawed Karim” Achieved a Massive Net Worth of $160 Million?

Software engineer and Internet entrepreneur Jawed Karim was born in the United States of Bengali and German ancestry. He was the first individual to ever post a video to YouTube, making him a co-founder of the service. Almost 254 million people have seen the first video, “Me at the zoo,” which was posted on April 23, 2005. Karim built many of PayPal’s fundamental components, including its real-time anti-Internet-fraud system, during his time there, when he also met YouTube co-founders Steven Chen and Chad Hurley.

Early Life and Childhood

On October 28th, 1979, in Merseburg, East Germany, Jawed Karim Entered the World. the Ethnicity He Belongs to Is Bangladeshi. at The Age of Two, Jawed and His Family Fled Soviet Bigotry in East Germany by Crossing Into West Germany.

The Trip to The Usa Began in 1992 when The Family Relocated. His Scientist Mother Became a Professor at The University of Minnesota, While His Researcher Father Joined 3 M.

jawed karim net worth

Jawed Went to Saint Paul’s Central High School. He Ultimately Decided to Pursue a Degree in Computer Science, so He Enrolled at The University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Marc Andreessen, Founder of One of The First Popular Web Browsers (Netscape), Attended This Institution.

Jawed Left College During His Junior Year to Join the Early Team at A Fledgling Silicon Valley Company Called Pay Pal. in His Spare Time, He Enrolled in Some College Courses at Santa Clara University, Both Online and In Person.

What Is Jawed Karim’s Net Worth?

Full Name Jawed Karim
Nick Name Jawed
Profession Software Developer, Businessperson
Net Worth $300 Million
Date of Birth Oct 28, 1979

Jawed Karim Is a Successful Online Entrepreneur Who Is Worth $300 Million. YouTube Co-Founder Jawed Karim Has Achieved Widespread Notoriety for His Contributions to The Platform. Jawed Sold YouTube to Google and Promptly Started a Venture Capital Fund, Where He Has Invested in A Number of Promising Startups at An Early Stage. Jawed Was an Early Backer of Airbnb, Investing in The Company’s “seed Round” in April 2009.

Professional Career of Jawed Karim

While in College, Karim Interned at Silicon Graphics, Inc., Where He Helped Organise Data for The Visible Human Project and Other Huge Datasets Used in Volume Rendering. in 2002, While He Was Working for Pay Pal, He Met Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. YouTube Was Launched in 2005, Three Years Later. on April 23, 2005, Pdt (April 24, 2005, Utc), Karim Established the “jawed” Channel and Uploaded “me at The Zoo,” the First Video on YouTube.

As an Adviser to YouTube, Karim Continued His Education at Stanford University After Co-Founding the Company and Establishing the YouTube Concept and Website with Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Karim Acknowledged, at The Time of The Site’s Launch in February 2005, that He Was Focusing on His Academic Pursuits and Would Not Be a Full-Time Employee of The Company.

jawed karim net worth

For This Reason, He Settled for A Significantly Smaller Stake in The Business than Hurley and Chen. Although Karim Played a Secondary Position in The Company, He Was Mostly Unknown to The General Public until Google Purchased YouTube in 2006. But, the Size of The Acquisition Was Still Substantial, and He Acquired 137,443 Shares of Stock, Which at Google’s Closing Price at The Time Were Worth Approximately $64 Million.

YouTube from Idea to Hyper Growth Was the Topic of Karim’s Talk at The 2006 Annual Acm Conference at The University of Illinois. in May of 2008, Karim Became the Youngest and 136th Commencement Speaker in the University of Illinois History.

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Pay Pal

In Addition to Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, Jawed Worked with A Number of Other People at Pay Pal.

In August of 2002, E Bay Paid $1.5 Billion in Cash to Purchase Pay Pal. as A Result of The Sale, Jawed Raked in Several Million Dollars. Elon Musk, the Future Ceo of Tesla, and Peter Thiel, the Founder of Pay Pal, Made $175 Million and $60 Million, Respectively, from The Sale.

jawed karim net worth

During the First Months of 2005, Jawed, Chad, and Steve All Left Pay Pal. They Started Holding Their Business Strategy Sessions at A Neighbourhood Coffee Shop/deli Named Max’s Opera Café.

Some Say that Jawed Was the One Who First Suggested Creating a Website Where Users Could Post and Share Movies.


YouTube Was First Conceived of And Coded by Jawed, Who Also Oversaw the Site’s Launch in February 2005. He Was Also the First Person to Appear in A Video Posted on YouTube. an Acquaintance Named Yakov Lapitsky Filmed “me at The Zoo” in The San Diego Zoo. in The 19 Second Clip, Jawed Is Seen Discussing the Elephants’ Trunks Before a Herd of Elephants. at 8:27 P.M. on Saturday, April 23, 2005, a User Using the Username “jawed” Submitted the Video to YouTube.

Me At The Zoo:

Selling of Google Products

It’s Incredible, but Soon After Co-Founding YouTube, Jawed Decided to Leave the Firm and Go to Graduate School at Stanford. So, He Settled for A Smaller Share of The Company’s Equity than His Other Co-Founders Did.

YouTube, Founded by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, Is Now a Media Behemoth Widely Used Throughout the World.

jawed karim net worth

When YouTube Was Sold to Google in October 2006, Jawed Still Maintained a Sizable Stake in The Company Despite Having Left the Company. a Total of $1.65 Billion in Google Shares Was Exchanged for YouTube.

On the Day the Purchase Was Finalised, Jawed Received 137,443 Shares of Google Stock Worth Around $64 Million. Assuming He Hasn’t Cashed in Any of His Shares Yet, the Value of His Google Stock Holdings as A Result of The Company’s Sustained Success and Rising Stock Price Is Well Over $350 Million Today, Before Taxes.

On the Day the Sale Was Finalised, the Value of Steve Chen’s and Chad Hurley’s Nearly 700,000 Google Shares Was $345 Million Each. if Those Shares Were Never Sold, Their Current Value Would Be Somewhat Under $2 Billion.

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Other Investments

Jawed, Keith Rabois, and Kevin Hartz Established Youniversity Ventures (or Y Ventures) in March 2008. in April 2009, Jawed Invested in Airbnb Through Y Ventures. the Companies Reddit, Eventbrite, and Palantir Are Just A Few of The Ones that Have Received Funding from Their Fund.

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