Jessica Lucas Pregnant? Pregnancy rumours surrounding cult actresses–latest updates!!

Jessica Lucas is a well-known actress who has starred in shows like Cult, Edgemont, Gotham, and The Resident. People who like music also know her for her look in Coldplay’s “True Love.”

In addition, because she is a well-known figure in the field, fans often wonder where she lives or goes to school. However, what’s going on in her life now? No, she is not pregnant. There are rumors about Jessica Lucas being pregnant again, and they have shaken up the social media world again.

It’s normal for people to make up stories about celebrities that aren’t true because of all the fake news that comes out every day. A long-term relationship between Jessica Lucas and her sweet fiance turned to the husband, Alex Jermasek, has made them both very happy.

Does Jessica Lucas have a child in real life? They think so.

Jessica hasn’t given us any reason to think that she has a baby in the oven right now. Her Instagram account is almost completely inactive. The last post she made was in 2019. Jessica’s husband, on the other hand, isn’t like that at all.

There’s no proof that the actress is pregnant, but fans say that a post on Instagram that has since been deleted proves that she is.


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A post shared by Jessica Lucas (@iamjessicalucas)

On Reddit, someone said that they saw Jessica with a baby bump on Instagram. Jessica’s husband put a picture of the two of them on Instagram a few days ago, and it shows that Jessica is clearly pregnant.

It isn’t clear if this is true or not, but it does make fans wonder what that means for her character on The Resident. Jessica’s possible pregnancy could affect Billie’s fate in the show.

Author: “Jessica’s pregnancy is clearly not going to be written into the story because it makes no sense to Billie’s story.” Showrunners might hide her (potential) pregnancy if they decided to do that. It wouldn’t be the first time that an actress kept her baby bump hidden on set. This is what the Reddit poster added: “To end this season, I think she’s going to be holding a lot of plants and standing behind a table.

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Jessica Lucas’s Career.

Jess was born in Vancouver on September 24, 1985, and she was born there. By performing in theatre shows, she started to show off her skills at a very young age. Then, she decides to follow her heart. In 2001, she starred in a Canadian TV show for teenagers called Edgemont.

When Jessica came to Edgemont as a temporary artist, she was there. Though, her skills and potential helped her become a show standard. After that, Jessica worked in 30 movies, miniseries, and TV shows. She’s been moving forward and spreading her influence ever since 2000.

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“Are Alex and Jessica’s Partners?

Fans often wonder if the duo plans to get bigger every day. Because of how long they have been together.

It has been announced that Alex Jermasek and Jessica Lucas won’t be having a child this year. By reading these lines, it isn’t clear whether or not Jessica will become a mother or not.

Jess Lucas’s Husband, Alex Jermasek, and Their Baby.

In 2019, Jessica Lucas married Alex Jermasek, and they have two children. It’s not clear when and where they will get married. When they had been together for a long time, they decided to get married in April 2017. They were a power couple from the start, everyone knew that.

jessica-lucas cute baby

He has been posting pictures of himself, his wife, and their baby recently. They look very happy together in one of them. He put the picture on Instagram and sent it to his fans, so they could see it. They named their son Jett.

Jessica’s pregnancy looked shaky to the rest of the universe. When they saw the post her husband made, many people were shocked.