Depp Accuses Ex-Wife Of Spousal Abuse, Says He Was The Aggressor!

Depp Accuses Ex-Wife Of Spousal Abuse, Says He Was The Aggressor!

Johnny Depp says Amber Heard’s accusations are “heinous.” He says he never hit his ex-wife, but he doesn’t believe he hit her.

April 19th, Reuters: – In a $50 million defamation case, Johnny Depp said that he never hit his ex-wife Amber Heard. He said that he wanted to change the public’s perception and protect his children, so he took the stand on Tuesday. Six years ago, Depp told a court in Virginia that it was a “complete shock” when Heard said that he was violent during their relationship. Depp spoke softly for almost three hours.

Never did Depp say that he had ever hit a woman in any way or that he had ever hit any woman in his life. Depp was dressed in a dark suit with his hair pulled back in a ponytail. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star said, “I felt it was my duty to stand up for myself and for my children in that case.” They were in high school at the time. His two kids from a previous relationship were in high school at the time.

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A lot of people think it’s weird when one day you’re Cinderella and then in 0.6 seconds, you’re Quasimodo. Johnny Depp, who is set to testify again on Wednesday and will be cross-examined by Heard’s legal team, said that.

She wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post about being a domestic abuse survivor in December 2018. Depp says that Heard defamed him when she wrote about it. In 2018, he sued Heard for $50 million.

Heard’s lawyer said it was clear that the article was referring to Johnny Depp, even though the article didn’t say so. More: read more Actor Heard’s lawyers say that she told the truth and that her opinion was protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, which says that people can speak freely about what they think.

Lawyers for Heard told the court that Johnny Depp physically and sexually assaulted her while he was taking drugs and alcohol. Fairfax County, Virginia, has a state court judge who’s in charge of the trial, which is in its second week and should last six weeks.

On Tuesday, Depp’s lawyers asked him about his movie career and how he and Heard first met on the set of “The Rum Diary” in 2011. Depp said she was sweet, smart, and funny at the time.

Rottenborn tried to show that Johnny Depp’s long history of bad behavior, not a single article in the New York Post in 2018, was the reason for his bad reputation.

It’s not what the libel lawsuit is about, but most of the trial has been about the bad things that happened to Depp and his wife during their short marriage.

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Her lawyer says Johnny Depp physically and sexually abused her, and that Depp’s claims aren’t true because he was often drunk and high to the point of blacking out. Heard’s lawyer says that’s not true.

On Monday afternoon, Depp tried to explain some of his rude words. That’s what the man said: “I’m ashamed that this has to be spread around like peanut butter.”

In the fight with Heard, he told people that he cut off his own finger, even though he said that at the time. He now says that the finger was cut off when Heard threw a bottle of vodka at him.

“Why would I start cutting off digits in my 50s?” he asked the jury as he held up his right hand to them. My finger was cut off, and now I call it “Little Richard.”

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Many of Depp’s texts to friends about his drinking and drug use have been shown to the jury. Depp’s texts to Heard and her father, as well as his apology notes, have also been shown to the jury.

Even though he said he had taken many drugs, he called the drug abuse accusations against him “grossly embellished.”

Depp says that the article in the Post made him a Hollywood outcast and cost him his role in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series. Depp is to blame for Heard’s bad career, his lawyers say.

In court papers, Ms. Heard says that Mr. Depp abused her a lot during their relationship. She says that he slapped her, kicked her, headbutted her, and tore clumps of her hair out of her scalp. In 2018, she wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post about how being a “public figure for domestic abuse” had hurt her career.

If you read the piece, you might not have known that it was talking about Johnny Depp. He says that it was clear that it was talking about him.

In the past, Mr. Depp sued the Sun newspaper in England for calling him a “wife-beater.” In 2020, he lost that case.

The Nets and the Lakers did not win, so they did not get the title. It’s true that superhero teams don’t die, though. People who were in the movie “The Rum Diary” in 2011 met each other when Ms. Heard was cast as Mr. Depp’s love interest, and they became friends. They got married in 2015, then broke up in 2017.