jordy yanes martel pregnant: Who Is Jordy Yanes Martel? Police Arrested For Pregnant Safiya Satchell Assault..!

jordy yanes martel pregnant: Who Is Jordy Yanes Martel? Police Arrested For Pregnant Safiya Satchell Assault..!

Jordy Yanes Martel was filmed tasing a woman while his knee was on her neck in June 2020.

Yanes is a former Miami Gardens, Florida, a police officer who has been charged with violence and official misconduct.

Jordy Yanes Martel: Who Is He?

Jordy Yanes Martel was arrested for official misconduct and violence against Safiya Satchell, a pregnant black woman.

Jordy Yanes Martel, 30, was arrested in Hialeah on four counts of violence and two counts of official misconduct.

According to the FDLE, the officer turned himself in at the FDLE’s Miami office.

Safiya Satchell is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, woman who lost her unborn child after officer Jordy Yanes tased her in the stomach.

jordy yanes martel pregnant'

Safiya went to Tootsies Cabarets with a friend, Raheem Staats-Fleming, in Miami, FL.

She got into a fight with the club’s management over food.

The club manager then summoned Martel and another unidentified officer to serve her with a trespassing WARNING.

Jody Yanes Martek followed Safiya and her friend out of the club.

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Where Is Police Officer Jordy Yanes Martel Arrested For Assaulting a Pregnant Safiya Satchell?

On January 14, 2020, Safiya Satchell, who was four months pregnant at the time, was minding her own business when off-duty police officer Jordy Yanes Martel approached her. And he abused his power in the most heinous way possible.

Martel yanked Satchell out of her car and thrust his knee into her neck. Then, as she screamed, he Tased her twice in the STOMACH. Who would do that to a pregnant woman?”I was just humiliated, embarrassed, and scared for my life,” Satchell recalled. But her anguish didn’t stop there. Satchell’s child died later in life.

Prosecutors also attempted to charge her with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest! They didn’t drop the felony charges against her for several months. And what about the cop, Martel?

jordy yanes martel pregnant'

Months later, he was filmed beating a Black man at a gas station! Though he was fired that summer, he’d already joined the ranks of officers who brutalize Black people and then get to keep their jobs long enough to do it again.

Police are not only allowed to kill and harm our health and well-being but they are also given second and third chances We don’t get the same opportunities. Satchell wasn’t even given a second chance to save her and her child’s lives.
Jordy Yanes Martel was arrested and fired for the atrocities he committed against Safiya Satchell. Human rights activists from the black community, on the other hand, are calling for the officer to be charged with murder and other crimes. The officer’s exact identity has not been revealed. The case, however, is still pending in the courthouse for further hearing.

Satchell graduated from Temple University with a degree in criminal justice. Satchell claimed she paid her money and then fled when confronted by the server. She claimed she was stopped and had an altercation with Martel while attempting to flee.

When he placed his hand in her car, Safiya knew something was wrong because she knew it was going to escalate and go wrong.

She also stated that she felt as if she had lost control after he yanked open the door and dragged her out.

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Is Jordy Yanes Martel in Jail Following the Assault?

Jordy Yanes Martel was arrested and suspended from his job after the assault video went viral on the internet.

The story’s most recent development is awaited. The case, however, is believed to be open in front of the courthouse.

Martel has been charged with two counts of official misconduct and four counts of violence. He was released on bail.

Satchell was arrested a few months after the Tootsie incident, according to Jordan.

On June 5th, it occurred as a result of a traffic accident in Miami.

Safiya was arrested after hurling expletives and refusing to surrender her driver’s license.

Satchell was charged with disorderly intoxication and nonviolent resisting of an officer.