Vidya Balan's journey till she became a star

Journey of Vidya Balan from TV Show “Hum Paanch to Role in Dirty……..

Vidya Balan, who began her career in the South, had a difficult time acquiring her first Hindi picture. She tried out numerous times for her debut film, “Parineeta,” but was denied each time. But a minor alteration by filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar turned him become a star.

Any list regarding India’s most powerful actresses cannot be complete without mentioning Vidya Balan’s name. Her previous performances in films such as ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa,’ ‘Ishqiya,’ ‘Sherni,’ and ‘Jalsa’ are all superb examples of acting.

Today Vidya’s talent does not need any recognition. Yet, acquiring the first Hindi picture for this formidable actress had become a challenge in and of itself. Eventually, ‘Parineeta’ director Pradeep Sarkar suggested a small change to ‘Parineeta’ producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra, which resulted in Vidya, who had been repeatedly rejected in auditions, receiving her first Hindi film.

Vidya Was Constantly Getting Rejected

In the 1990s, Vidya Balan got a great deal of recognition for her role as a young woman in the renowned Indian television series Hum Paanch. This part helped him win the lead role in Mohanlal’s film Chakram, while he was still a graduate student.

Vidya was quickly cast in numerous Malayalam films after landing a leading role alongside a renowned actor. At this moment, however, further development on “Chakram” was abandoned.

Vidya Balan's journey till she became a star

Even back then, it was unheard of for a Mohanlal film to be delayed. As a result of the failure of ‘Chakram,’ industry experts began to refer to Vidya as “wretched.”

Following his collaboration with Mohanlal, he was consistently replaced in film roles. In films such as “Bala” and “Run,” the Tamil actress Vidya portrayed a character similar to the Malayalam actress.

Vidya persevered in the profession by starring in television programs, advertisements, and music videos as film roles continued to slip through her fingers.

Again, Pradeep Sarkar directed these television advertisements and music videos. They collaborated on multiple projects, including the music video for Palash Sen’s band Euphoria’s song “Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali.”

Vidya, Parineeta, and Pradeep Sarkar

This series led Vidya to the office of filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra, who was casting for the film “Parineeta” at the time. Parineeta’s music composer Shantanu Moitra stated in an interview with Mumbai Mirror that by the time Vidya met him in Vidhu’s office, she had been rejected in auditions roughly 75 times.

Vidya Balan's journey till she became a star

Shantanu stated that on the day Vidya met him, she had already planned to attend the evening concert of the renowned singer Brian Adams. But she arrived for ‘one last audition’ on Pradeep Sarkar’s call.

Pradeep Sarkar had requested that Vidhu experiments with a fresh look for the film’s actress, as the prior look proved ineffective. Vidya was so accustomed to being rejected that she had no chance of being chosen even after auditioning.

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‘Lalita’ Has Been Found

In a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Pradeep Sarkar recalled the casting of ‘Parineeta’ and revealed that Vidhu had taken Vidya’s test thirteen to fourteen times. He called his wife for the fifteenth time and said, “Look, my Lalita has been found.”

Vidya Balan's journey till she became a star

On the other hand, Vidya was so certain that she would be rejected again that she did not answer the phone when Pradeep called her. On the contrary, she was getting disturbed while enjoying the concert, so she was thinking of switching off the phone.

Shantanu Moitra told that someone had messaged Vidya – ‘You have become Parineeta, this (battle) is finished.’ Vidya exited the concert and began crying while on her knees.

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Vidya Had a Fight with Pradeep Sarkar

Pradeep Sarkar suggested a small change to Vidhu, after which Vidya started looking perfect in the lead role of ‘Parineeta’. Nonetheless, Vidya’s relationship with Pradeep deteriorated during filming.

However, the actors eventually reconciled the disparity and the film was completed. Pradeep Sarkar was awarded the National Award for ‘Best First Feature Director’ for his work on ‘Parineeta,’ and Vidya gained appreciation from critics and fans, which continues to this day.

Journey of Vidya Balan from Tv Show "Hum Panch to Dirty........

With the tremendous success of “Parineeta,” it took Vidya and Pradeep Sarkar a long time to work together again. It is said that when Sarkar cast Rani Mukherjee for his film ‘Laga Chunari Mein Daag’, Vidya did not like it and stopped talking to her ‘grandfather’.

But this distance did not last long and after about 5 years, when both of them worked again in an ad shoot, they started with a hug on the first day.

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