'Kanta Laga Girl' Shefali Jariwala wants to adopt a child, why is it getting delayed

‘Kanta Laga Girl’ Shefali Jariwala Wants to Adopt a Child the Reason of Delay Is…….

The song ‘Kanta Laga’ was released in the year 2022 and as soon as it was released, this song became popular on the lips the people. And the actress depicted in this song garnered the most popularity. She became famous overnight.

Her name is Shefali Jariwala. She disappeared from the screen, but she has remained in the minds of her fans to this day. Shefali Jariwala has appeared in the headlines these days because of the announcement of adopting a baby.

The actress has explicitly declined to adopt surrogacy, but she has yet to complete the adoption procedure. According to Shefali, the procedure is lengthy and not at all simple. Adopting a kid might take up to four years at times.

What Shefali Said

The first marriage of Shefali Jariwala was quite abusive. The actress charged the ex-spouse with domestic assault. Shefali afterward met Parag Tyagi. Shefali wed Parag after divorcing her previous husband, and she now desires to have children.

In a conversation with E-Times, Shefali indicated her wish to adopt a child and stated that I had previously spoken of my stance in interviews. I’m eager to start a family. There are numerous orphaned youngsters around the globe who require a home.

I and Parag do not worry about genetic linkage (the link between parent and child’s genes). Adopting a child is not a simple procedure at all.

'Kanta Laga Girl' Shefali Jariwala wants to adopt a child, why is it getting delayed

Shefali added that the legal process is extremely lengthy. The cost of money also plays a significant role in this. This entire process can take up to four years at times. When Parag and I both believed that we were about to get a small visitor, Covid arrived in the middle.

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Several things have evolved. Procedure ceased. Many dynamics and schedules shifted for both of us. Both of us were quite distressed. There are more parents waiting to adopt children than there are children in the world.

We are one of them as well. The adoption process is lengthy, but I am hopeful that it will soon be complete and that I will be able to become a mother.

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In terms of employment, Shefali Jariwala recently participated in the short film “Ouch 2.” In the film, Nidhi Bisht and Sharman Joshi also play leading roles. In her personal life, though, Shefali is extremely content with her spouse, Parag. Both frequently take vacations and publish images and videos from them. Likewise, he has a lot of admirers.

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