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Keanu Reeves Accused: ‘He never met’ the woman who fathered four of his children.

Keanu Reeves has established himself as a film star, but he also gets attention for his charitable activities and his overall demeanor.

Matrix Resurrections fans are in a tizzy at the 57-year-return olds to the role of Thomas Anderson and Neo.

To show what a kind man he is when he’s not on television, it was discovered that the Point Break actor has been operating a private foundation for the past five years that supports children’s hospitals and cancer research.

Many people are unaware that he was once accused of being the father of four grown children of a lady over a decade ago. A startling $3 million a month in spousal support retroactive to 2006 and $150,000 a month in child support since 1988 were requested by Karen Sala, who claimed that Keanu was the father of her four children, ages 21, 22, 23, and 25.

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Nobody was more startled than Keanu himself to be accused of this, since he had never met the woman in question. Reeves was present during the birth of several of Sala’s children, but Sala stated that she had a sexual connection with him prior to, during, and after her marriage.

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To the actor’s dismay, the matter made it to a court hearing, where he was roundly denied the actress’s accusations. DNA testing revealed that Keanu was not the father of Sala’s adult children, according to Keanu’s lawyer, who testified in the case in court. In addition, the Canadian mother questioned the test’s legitimacy.

Several concerns with the DNA findings were highlighted by Karen Sala, who lives more than 60 miles north of Toronto in Barrie, including the potential that the actor utilized hypnosis to influence the results.

According to the woman, who represented herself in court and claimed to have documentation, “I do know for a fact that he is the biological father,” told the judge.

Having grown up on the same street as Reeves as a child, this woman claimed to have known him since she was four or five years old. The actress was born and raised in Toronto before moving to Los Angeles in 1986.

She said that the two had met afterward and that she was familiar with him by a variety of identities. As she confessed to the court, “I had no idea he was Keanu Reeves. “Marty Spencer” was what he was to me.”

Keanu Reeves accused

Lawyer Lorne Wolfson for Keanu claims that Karen made allegations in her statement that Keanu utilized hypnosis and assumed the identities of several persons, including her ex-husband, who Wolfson claims is the biological father of her children. Karen’s affidavit is available here.

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Wolfson described the evidence as “at best unbelievable.” In other words, “There’s no way to prove this.” Because of this, the paternity action was rejected by Judge Fred Graham in Ontario declaring that no rational judge would accept these “incredible” claims and that any trial would be a waste of scarce court resources.