Leah Messer Pregnant With Child? Latest Appearance Sparks Pregnancy Rumors..!!

Leah Messer Pregnant With Child? Latest Appearance Sparks Pregnancy Rumors..!!

It’s been less than a year since Leah Messer began dating Jaylan Mobley, but the two have been flying past the typical relationship milestones at a breakneck pace right from the start!

While it doesn’t appear that the reports that Leah and Jaylan are secretly engaged are true, both parties appear to be in this for the long haul. Jaylan even purchased Leah a house just a few weeks ago!

So, yes, Messer and Mobley are certainly planning a future together — and some fans believe they’ve already made a promise that goes beyond marriage! Leah celebrated her 30th birthday last week with a vacation to New York City with Jaylan. Leah, of course, shared a slew of photos, and most people were pleased to admire her appearance and wish her a happy birthday.

Of course, no one was more effusive in their appreciation than Jaylan, who gushed about Leah on his own page while uploading vacation photos.
appy My one and only @leahmesser had a birthday today. I adore you. I’m confident that this year will be the best yet. I feel fortunate, happy, and grateful to be able to celebrate and rise with you. “Here’s to the next 30!” The post was captioned by Jaylan.”We’re so lucky to be sharing this journey with you, baby!” Ilysm.”But, in the midst of all the love, there was some unflattering criticism of Leah’s photos. If you follow Leah on Instagram, you’re probably already aware that many of her commenters believe she’s secretly pregnant with Jaylan’s child. And many of them saw the photos from New York City as proof of that theory.

leah messer pregnant

According to the UK tabloid The Sun, one individual inquired, “Is Leah pregnant?”Another wrote, “I saw a little bb bump.” Your baby bump is adorable,” said a third.

“Surely that’s a pregnancy bump in the leather pants?” a fourth inquired.

Another inquired, “Is she pregnant?”

Some followers were positive that Leah was expecting her fourth kid right now:

“She’s definitely pregnant again,” one of them wrote.

Unsurprisingly, Leah isn’t like strangers making unsolicited comments about the state of her tummy.
Perhaps their assumptions would be less disrespectful if they were based on the reality that she isn’t drinking alcohol in any of the vacation photos.

However, the vast majority of the speculations are just concerned with Leah’s tummy, and reading those comments is unlikely to make her feel good.

We’re confident that the fans aren’t intentionally being offensive, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are.
Don’t get us wrong: there’s a possibility that Leah is carrying Jaylan’s child.

Even if that’s the truth, she’s not “showing” yet, and claiming that she’s “clearly” expecting is incredibly cruel.

After more than a decade in the Teen Mom spotlight, we’re sure Leah is used to this kind of treatment.

That isn’t to say that we should all go around making random comments about the physical appearances of renowned strangers. Just a thought!

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Is Leah Messer expecting a child?

Leah Messer  is not pregnant as far as we know, but she hasn’t ruled out having additional children in the future. In a March 2021 interview with Us Weekly, she gushed over her daughters and emphasised her pride in being their mother.

“I don’t know where I’d be without them,” Leah said. Listen, if I ever remarried, and let’s suppose they didn’t have kids and wanted a child, it would have to come with conditions this time because I put in the effort!” “I’m not sure,” she added. “Whatever is supposed to happen will.”

leah messer pregnant

Corey Simms, to whom Leah was married from 2010 to 2011, is the father of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah. Her youngest daughter, Addie, is also shared with her former ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, with whom she was married from 2012 until 2015.

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Is Leah Messer expecting a child? She And Jaylan Mobley Are Rumoured To Be Expecting:

Teen Mom 2  star Leah Messer has progressed from a struggling teen mom to a published author and motivational speaker over the years.

In reality, she recounted her fight with addiction, anxiety, and a previous abortion in her memoir Hope, Grace, and Faith, in which she revealed her tale of redemption. She also talked about co-parenting three kids with her ex-husbands, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert.

leah messer pregnant


Leah’s situation appears to be improving. She hasn’t given up on love or dating because she hasn’t had the best luck in the romantic department. She made her current boyfriend  Jaylan Mobley. public on Instagram in September 2021.

In early 2022, rumours began to circulate that the newlywed couple might be expecting a child. Fans are now eager to learn the truth: is Leah Messer expecting her fourth child? Continue reading to learn more.

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Fans Believe Leah Messer Is Expecting a Child With Her New Boyfriend Jaylan Mobley:

As Teen Mom Season 11 begins, fans will be able to meet Jaylan for the first time. Those who follow Leah on Instagram, on the other hand, may have seen him in her images before that.

After the reality star tweeted a series of New Year’s Eve images with Jaylan on Jan. 1, 2022, rumours that Leah was pregnant began to circulate. Fans claimed to spot a bump in some of the images. “I PEEP IT,” one user remarked, adding an emoji of a pregnant woman. “Looks like a baby bump,” wrote another.

leah messer pregnant

In the weeks preceding up to the Season 11 premiere, rumours of a possible pregnancy grew louder. The mom-of-three teased “fresh beginnings and new blessings” over the approaching season in a portrait she tweeted on March 2.

In addition, during a Season 11 preview film, Jaylan revealed his wish to have children in the future. In the video, he also asked Leah if he may see a photo of her children. When she agreed, he immediately complimented her on her children, calling them “beautiful” and praising her for being a good mother.