Michael Blackson and Rada Pregnancy: Is She Pregnant? Has Michael Blackson Ever Had a Child?

Slapstick comedian and actor Michael Blackson is a native of the United States. African King of Comedy” is the nickname given to him. A Ghanaian citizen, he was born on November 28th, 1972.

In 1987, while still a minor, he made the long journey from Ghana to the United States. He started performing in local Philadelphia clubs. It was the first time he’d had any sort of exposure to comic shows. Later, he appeared in a number of well-known stand-up comedies, and he gradually became a household name.

Rada Is the Girlfriend of Michael Blackson.

Michael Blackson’s fiancée is a mannequin named Miss Rada. When Michael proposed to Rada on July 22, he did so at the Breakfast Club. On live television, he asked her to marry him, and she said yes. Everyone was in a state of awe at the magnitude of the surprise.

A diamond ring was placed on his hand and he kneeled down to ask her to marry him Additionally, he shared images of himself and Rada on Instagram with the caption “My Future Wife”.


After a previous breakup, Michael revealed that he had never found a woman as loyal as Radar to him. He added that he believes Rada is the right person for him. Fans were surprised when he mentioned that they’ve decided to bring in an extra girl once every month.

Miss Rada is in her late twenties or early forties. Then again, she appears to be 28 years old. On the 14th of June, she will turn one year old. Gemini is her horoscope sign. Her first 12 months of life are a mystery. It is uncertain what Miss Rada’s true identity is. Her real name is unknown at this time. Nobody calls her anything but Rada.

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Miss Rada’s Ethnicity: Michael Blackson’s Fiancee’s Family Background

Miss Rada’s ancestry is Cambodian. Michael Blackson, her lover, is of Ghanaian-Liberian-American descent.

In the same way, Rada withholds information about her biological parents. Despite the fact that her family hails from Cambodia, she currently resides in the United States. Mom used to Instagram a sweets picture.

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Whether or Not Miss Rada Is Pregnant

Yes, Rada  is indeed carrying Michael’s future offspring. In May 2021, when she asked for a child’s help, the news of her pregnancy broke on air.

Things are going well between the two of them now that they’re getting married and are soon going to have a child together. Michael Blackson, on the other hand, has already fathered three children.

michael blackson and miss rada pregnant

Three of Michael’s children were born to him. Michael Jr. is the eldest of his three children, while Niko and Noah are identical twins. Rada’s kids aren’t always the ones he sees. He’s had it with his former flames. Their identities remain a secret.

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