North korea Bans Mullets: Kim Jong Banned Skinny Jeans And Mullet Haircuts For The Following Reasons..!

North korea Bans Mullets: Kim Jong Banned Skinny Jeans And Mullet Haircuts For The Following Reasons..!

In the region’s state-run newspaper, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un recently released a list of forbidden fashion and haircuts, with skinny jeans and ripped denim among the markers of a “capitalistic lifestyle” that are now declared unlawful.

Mullets and some piercings have also been banned in an effort to keep the country free of “decadent” Western fashion trends.

It comes following a warning from North Korea’s state-run daily, Rodong Sinmum, earlier this month, warning that capitalism must not “seep” into the country.

A recent piece in the newspaper expressed concern over teenage North Koreans increasingly adopting Western design patterns.

north korea bans mullets

“History offers us an important lesson that a country can become susceptible and finally crumble like a damp wall despite its economic and defence capabilities if we do not hold on to our lifestyle,” according to the Rodong Sinmum report.

According to sources, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has outlawed skinny jeans, mullets, and somebody piercings as indicators of a “capitalistic lifestyle.”

It comes as a state-run journal warned that more needs to be done to prevent the country from succumbing to a “capitalistic culture,” according to the Yonhap news agency in South Korea.

Rodong Sinmum, the North Korean government’s official newspaper, released an article expressing concern over young North Koreans increasingly adopting western design trends. “We must be on the lookout for even the tiniest trace of the capitalist lifestyle and struggle to eradicate it,” the piece stated. The new dress regulations are part of the regime’s “anti-socialist behaviour” campaign.

According to the publication, the communist dictatorship has forbidden all but 15 “non-socialist” haircuts and instead issued an ordinance on “correct” hairstyles.

According to documents obtained by Rodong Sinmum from the Socialist Patriotic Youth League, mullets, spikes, and coloured hair are no longer permitted. Members of the state-run youth organisation frequently function as the country’s “fashion police,” prohibiting people from wearing garments that are too “foreign.”

According to Metro, skinny jeans, nose and lip piercings, and branded T-shirts are also prohibited.

What Prompted The Ban?

The crackdown started after Rodong Sinmum, a state-run newspaper, launched a plea to residents to reject capitalistic culture.

“History tells us a key lesson that a country, regardless of its economic and defensive prowess, can become susceptible and eventually crumble like a damp wall if we do not hang on to our lifestyle,” the paper added.

The anti-foreign sentiment was reignited when the government slammed South Korea’s K-pop industry for mistreating and exploiting its idols like slaves.

north korea bans mullets

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What All Has Been Banned?

Kim Jong-un has prohibited “non-socialist” haircuts like the mullet.

Spikes and coloured hairs are also prohibited in North Korea.

Citizens are only allowed to have one of the 15 possible haircuts under the new legislation. Mullets and other unapproved haircuts are “anti-socialist behaviour” and part of the “yellow wind of capitalism,” according to the decree.

According to the new legislation, western-style attire such as ripped or skinny jeans, sloganed T-shirts, and nose and lip piercings will be prohibited.

Pop music is likewise being suppressed in North Korea. This is due to the popularity of South Korean K-pop groups like BTS and Blackpink.

north korea bans mullets

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How Is North Korea Dealing With The Pandemic?

According to multiple accounts, North Korea is experiencing a food and medication import crisis as a result of the epidemic that closed its borders last year.

“North Korea’s economy is on the verge of collapsing.” Many folks are in distress. According to sources, there are more people begging for food and money at marketplaces, and the number of homeless persons is increasing. Antibiotics and other treatments are also in short supply.” — Jiro Ishimaru, a North Korean journalist residing in Japan

Meanwhile, North Korea has claimed that no coronavirus cases have been reported due to its efforts to immediately block borders and take preventative measures.