Paras Kalnawat On His Fallout with Anupamaa Actor Rupali Ganguly: “I still Respect Her And Believe She Still Cares For Me A Little Bit”!

Paras Kalnawat On His Fallout with Anupamaa Actor Rupali Ganguly: “I still Respect Her And Believe She Still Cares For Me A Little Bit”!

When Paras Kalnawat left Anupamaa, it caused quite a commotion in the business. The producers claimed that he was released from his contract because he signed up for the reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa on a competing channel, in violation of a specific clause.

A spokesperson for the actor stated that his decision to leave the show was made after he informed the cast and crew of his decision. Recently, Paras has spoken out about how his scenes were axed from the show and why he felt he had been marginalized.

Paras Kalnawat described his time on the show as ‘dark and shady,’ when asked about being mistreated. Even though he was reluctant to divulge too much information, he did acknowledge that he was placed in an awkward position on set. I was told that my scenes had been slashed. People started spreading false rumors about me, saying that I had threatened them and made disparaging remarks about them.

Paras Kalnawat On His Fallout with Anupamaa Actor Rupali Ganguly

It’s more likely to be believed if a senior actor complains about a younger co-star, he said. There are differences between him and Rupali Ganguly, he said when asked about the relationship between the two actors.

Even though she’s no longer on the show, “I still respect her and I think she still has a little bit of love left for me,” said the actor, who added that “little” was because he believes she’s more attached to other actors on the show. A year ago, when he was mourning the death of his father, he began to form emotional bonds with his co-stars.

Nevertheless, he soon realized that they were taking advantage of him. Many people didn’t reach out to the actor after the controversy, but those who did made him regret quitting the show. But there were also those who said they wished they had the courage to stand up in front of those who had made them what they were.

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The Actor Had Spoken About Standing Idle in Most Scenes.

Even though he had read the ‘three-year exclusivity clause’, Paras Kalnawat admitted to being too excited to get the part to read it. However, he is looking forward to a new beginning in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and hopes to keep his fans entertained in the meantime.

In an interview with the actor earlier and said that most of the time, he was just sitting around doing nothing. Moreover, he stated that he wanted to challenge himself as an actor, so he signed up for the dance reality show. Rajan sir, thank you for this wonderful show, but for a long time, I didn’t have much to do.

No matter how long the scenes were, I didn’t want to be left hanging. I’d raised the issue with the relevant authorities, and they’d promised to work something out, but I couldn’t wait any longer. As an actor and a person, the prospect of taking on a new challenge such as Jhalak piqued his interest, he told us.

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