Ranbir Kapoor to act in Dada Raj Kapoor's biopic?

Will Ranbir Kapoor Work in Grandfather Raj Kapoor’s Biopic? Know What Ranbir Kapoor Said!

Ranbir Kapoor’s name is linked to numerous biographical movies now that Sanju has been released. According to rumors, Ranbir will play the roles of Kishore Kumar and Saurabh Ganguly in upcoming motion pictures. In the end, Ranbir is the one who is telling the truth.

Ranbir Kapoor played the role of Sanjay Dutt in the movie Sanju. Ranbir Kapoor, who used to thoroughly immerse himself in the roles, appeared to be Sanju Baba at one point. With Sanju’s enormous popularity, Ranbir’s name was attached to a number of biographical movies as well.

Even now, there is talk of Ranbir appearing in the biopics of Kishore Kumar and Saurabh Ganguly, particularly in the corridors of Bollywood. Ranbir has also discussed the development of the biopics of his grandfather Raj and father Rishi Kapoor.

Ranbir reveals that the script for the upcoming biography of Saurabh Ganguly is being written. But nobody has approached me up until now. Nonetheless, if given the chance, I would gladly accept. Dada (Saurabh Ganguly) is a wonderful individual with international renown. Other than this, I concur that the biopic gets a little difficult.

On this screen, you must display your entire life starting at conception. Every part of the controversy and personal life must be displayed here. Right now, I have no idea what the director is considering.

Talking About the Script Has Been Going on For 11 Years

Ranbir Kapoor to act in Dada Raj Kapoor's biopic?

Notwithstanding What Ranbir Kapoor Claims, We Have Been Discussing the Kishore Kumar Biopic for Eleven Years. Nothing Has Occurred as Of Yet. We Are Still Determining That. Despite Rumours to The Contrary, I Have Not yet Received an Official Casting Call.

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Raj Kapoor’s Life Has Been Controversial

Ranbir Kapoor to act in Dada Raj Kapoor's biopic?

In Addition to This, Ranbir Claims that Doing the Biopic of His Grandfather Raj Kapoor Will Be Challenging Because His Grandfather Led a Very Contentious Life. Here, We Must Be Fully Objective; We Cannot Turn This Into a Propaganda Piece. I Really Want to Make His Biopic, but I’m Not a Good Writer, Which Is Why I’m Having Trouble Right Now. His Biopic Will Undoubtedly Be Fantastic.

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Maybe My Son or Daughter Should Be Made

Ranbir Claims that Everyone Is Aware of My Father’s Characteristics While Discussing the Plot of His Father Rishi Kapoor‘s Biopic. In His Entire Life, Papa Has Never Kept a Filter. Generally, the Celebrities Who Attend Talk in Another Manner Outdoors and Have Certain Items at Home. Papa Has Never Been This Way Before. He Speaks Frankly About His Life. Hence, There Is Nothing New To Report. Perhaps My Daughter or Son Will Make Plans for This in 30 Years.

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