Revathi Will Play A Medical Grief Counselor In 'Aye Zindagi' After 'Major'!

Revathi Will Play A Medical Grief Counselor In ‘Aye Zindagi’ After ‘Major’!

On this day in Mumbai, September 29: An upcoming medical drama film called “Aye Zindagi” will feature Revathi, a veteran actress, playing the role of a hospital grief counselor. Director and writer Dr. Anirban Bose are best known for his novels, including Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls, Mice in Men, and The Death of Mitali Dutto.

Anirban, who went from being a doctor to a writer-director, commented on his incredible career change in a statement “As a matter of fact, “Aye Zindagi” is very different from my typical work. Taking care of patients and instructing future doctors are two of my main responsibilities as a doctor. I’ve been working on this project,

which is way out of my comfort zone, for the past two years, and I can’t wait to see if people appreciate the effort I put in and appreciate the beauty of the story that drove me to do so.” The film, which is based on a true story, follows Vinay Chawla, a 26-year-old with liver cirrhosis, as he forms an unlikely friendship with a hospital grief counselor,

After 'Major', Revathi To Star In 'Aye Zindagi' As A Medical Grief Counsellor

who helps him rediscover his faith in humanity and his hope for the future. In addition to Satyajeet Dubey, Mrinmayee Godbole, and the venerable Gujarati actor Hemant Kher, the film also stars Shrikant Verma, Sawan Tank, Muskaan Agarwal, and Pranjal Trivedi.

For his role as Vinay in “Aye Zindagi,” actor Satyajeet underwent a radical makeover “For me, making this film has been a tremendous personal achievement. Each and every performer longs for an experience like that. The trip that made me feel so vulnerable yet so strong all at once.”

Veteran actor Satyadev Dubey is widely regarded as Mumbai’s theatrical backbone, and his grandnephew Satyajeet Dubey follows in his footsteps. Continuing the discussion of his time in the film, Satyajeet said: “The path that required me to go beyond merely playing a role. This was the trip that took me to the center of my soul.

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Aye Zindagi movie trailer: Revathi and Satyajeet Dubey in film about organ donation

I’m so grateful for this trip and the lovely people I’ve met along the way. Really, I can’t wait for this film to be released and seen by everyone.” “Aye Zindagi,” a film produced by Shiladitya Bora of Platoon One Films, will premiere on October 14 in theaters across India and North America.


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