Abdu Rojik-MC Stan rift

Bigg Boss 16’s Troupe Split: Rift Between Abdu Rojik and Mc Stan!

On the Bigg Boss show, it was clear that Abdu Rojik, MC Stan, Shiv Thackeray, and Sajid Khan were very close with each other. During the show, the troupe showed how they were friends. But now that Bigg Boss is over, the love between the group is also over. Abdu Rojik and MC Stan, who won the show, have already fought.

Not all is well! Yes, we’re talking about Bigg Boss 16’s cast. There have been rumors that the unbreakable Bigg Boss group has split up. Abdu Rojik and MC Stan, who won the show, have already fought. Abdu says that MC Stan is making up lies about him and spreading them in the news. After all, let’s find out what’s going on.

Abdu’s Friendship with MC Stan Broke

It was made abundantly clear on Bigg Boss that Abdu Rojik, MC Stan, Shiv Thackeray, and Sajid Khan were all very close. Throughout the performance, the cast demonstrated the close bonds of friendship that united them. But, it appears that the group’s love has also stopped now that Bigg Boss is done.

Abdu Rojik-MC Stan rift

There is talk of the altercation between MC Stan and Abdu Rojik in the dressing room. Abdu has made his disdain for the singer-songwriter known ever since. Abdu claims that MC Stan made false statements about him in the media by claiming that Abdu had requested a clip for his most recent single, “Pyaar.” Nonetheless, Abdu claims that he has never asked Stan to publicize his music.

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MC Stan Missing from Bigg Boss Party

Shiv Thackeray, the Most Well-Known Contestant on Bigg Boss 16 and The Group’s Leader, Recently Threw a Party for Old Friends. Mc Stan, However, Did Not Show up At Shiv’s Party. During This Time, Abdu Broke His Silence About the Fight with Mc Stan when He Talked to The Media. He Said He Is Not Familiar with The Group.

Abdu Rojik-MC Stan rift

Now, a New Video of Abdu Has Come Out. in It, He Says Something Shocking. Paparazzi Said to Abdu- Don’t You Like Mc Stan? Abdu Said, “I Love Mc Stan, but I Don’t Know Why He’s Lying About Me in The Press.” I’m Not Interested in Talking About Mc Stan. No Longer Friends.

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The Audience Really Liked how Abdu Rojik, Shiv Thackeray, MC Stan, and Sajid Khan Got Along on Big Boss. but Now that Mc and Abdu Have Fought, All of His Fans Are Upset. Now Let’s See when Mc Stan Says Something About What Abdu Said and Fights with Singer.

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