robbie roper cause of death

The Real Reason Behind Robbie Roper Sudden Death!

Robbie Ropper was a dual-threat quarterback with a height and weight of 6 feet 4 inches and 220 pounds. His grade point average was 3.9. The next year, he led the Hornets to a 10-3 record, but they were ousted in the Class 7A quarterfinals by Grayson.

Roper led Roswell to a 46-43 victory over North Cobb on the road in the High 5 Sports Game of the Week on November 19.

About His Death

robbie roper cause of death

The father of Roswell High School quarterback Robbie Roper, who died at the age of 18 the previous year, asserts that his son suffered from an undiscovered medical condition that ultimately contributed to his terrible death.

Initially, it was believed that the famed athlete had died as a result of complications after a December shoulder procedure. However, in an interview with USA Today Sports released on Wednesday, his father James Roper stated that medical personnel ignored a medical condition.

“All I wanted was for everyone to view him as an ideal child. Simply put, I did not want anyone who considered him to conclude that he held any sort of peculiarity. When asked why he had waited so long to face the reason of his son’s death, James reacted as follows:

James reports that the news source was informed that the 2022 college football recruit has urea cycle illness (UCD). According to UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, UCD is a rare genetic condition that leads to hazardous levels of blood ammonia.

Patrick Moore, the attorney for the Roper family, told USA Today Sports that the condition can be caused by corticosteroids or a surgical procedure including “fasting prior, anaesthesia, and physical trauma.” Robbie underwent shoulder surgery on Dec. 14. He died eight days later.

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What Robbie Roper’s Father Said About the Cause of Death

robbie roper cause of death

During an interview with USA Today Sports, Robbie Roper’s father disclosed his son’s previously undiagnosed medical issue. The condition had never before been recognised.

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Who was Roswell High School quarterback Robbie Roper?

Robbie Ropper was a 6-foot-4, 215-pound quarterback with throwing and running ability. The average grade he received was 3.9. The following season, he led the Hornets to a 10-3 record, but Grayson defeated them in the Class 7A quarterfinals.

In the November 19 High 5 Sports Game of the Week, Roper led Roswell to a 46-43 road victory over North Cobb.

Which Colleges Were Recruiting Robbie Roper?

Directory of 247 Sports Roper received collegiate football scholarship offers from Massachusetts, Morehead State, Morgan State, and Western Carolina, among others. Recently, he learned that the University of Florida was interested in recruiting him.

Additionally, Ole Miss, Pitt, Connecticut, TCU, Michigan, and North Carolina were interested in the senior.

What Happen to Robbie Roper?

Robbie Roper, a talented quarterback, passed away at the age of 18 in December 2021, just a few days after undergoing shoulder surgery. Roper’s father, James Roper, stated this week that his son died of a previously unidentified hereditary condition called urea cycle disorder. May 5, 2022


Robbie Roper, the starting quarterback for the Roswell High School football team, died at the age of 18 the year prior. Robbie Roper’s father alleges that his son was never properly diagnosed with a medical ailment. Initially, it was believed that he had passed away due to complications after a shoulder procedure. Robbie Roper, an outstanding quarterback at Roswell High School, passed away at the age of 18 in December 2021. His father informed him that he suffered from urea cycle disease, an incredibly rare hereditary ailment (UCD). In extreme circumstances, increased blood ammonia levels caused by UCD can be lethal.

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