Salman Khan Receives Threat Mail

Salman Khan Receives Threat Mail: FIR Registered Against Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi!

The Bollywood actor Salman Khan has once again received threats. Hence, security has been increased outside his residence. Last night, Mumbai Police officers were observed conducting patrols outside Salman Khan’s house Galaxy in Bandra. The police have filed a criminal complaint against Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldie Brar, and Rohit Brar.

The danger that looms over the life of Bollywood’s “Dabangg” Salman Khan is unnamed. The criminal Goldie Brar has threatened Salman. Hence, security has been increased outside his residence.

Throughout the night, Mumbai Police officers were spotted conducting patrols outside Galaxy, Salman Khan’s residence in Bandra. The police are in full operation. They are also prohibiting the gathering of the crowd outside the Galaxy.

Salman Khan Receives Threat, Police in Action

On March 18, Prashant Gunjalkar, Salman Khan‘s manager, received a threatening email containing a demand to ‘speak’ with Salman Khan. This email was sent to the address of Rohit Garg.

saman khan house security

The email stated, “Goldie Brar needs to speak with your employer, Salman Khan.” Tell him to watch the interview if he has not already done so. If you wish to conclude the matter, you must complete it. If you prefer face-to-face interaction, indicate that as well. You have been informed in advance; the next time you will be able to see Jhatka…’

Salman Khan’s manager filed a report with the Bandra Police Station in Mumbai after receiving the email. Bandra Police has filed a case under sections 506(2), 120 (B), and 34 of the Indian Penal Code against gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldie Brar, and Rohit Brar due to the gravity of the situation and Salman Khan’s safety. In addition, security has been enhanced outside of Salman Khan’s residence.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi Wants Salman’s Apology

Salman Khan Receives Threat Mail

This Is Not the First Time Salman Has Been Threatened in This Manner. Recently, the Actor Was Threatened with Incarceration by The Mobster Lawrence Bishnoi. In An Interview with A Channel, Lawrence Demanded an Apology from Salman Over the 1998 Blackbuck Incident. Otherwise, They Were Threatened with Penalties.

Bishnoi Expects an Apology from Salman to His People. Since I Was a Child, I Have Held a Grudge Against Salman for The Black Buck. They Even Offered My Community Members Money.

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Reiki Was Done to Kill Salman

Salman Khan Receives Threat Mail

Many Attempts to Attack Salman Have Failed. in 2019, Lawrence Bishnoi and His Close Friend Sampat Nehra Conducted an Inspection of Salman Khan’s Galaxy Residence. His Plan to Assault Salman Failed, Though. According to The Report, the Thug Had Delayed His Attack on Salman Due to The Short Range of His Firearm.

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Even After His Plans Failed, the Criminal Did Not Stop Trying. The Shooters Were Dispatched to Mumbai at Goldie Brar’s request. They conducted a thorough reconnaissance of Salman’s land. The shooter also befriended the farm’s security guard. Every action of the performer was observed. However, this scheme also failed due to Salman’s stringent security.

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