Salman Khan is not afraid of threats

Salman Khan Is Not Afraid of Threats: Salman Has Objection to Tight Security!

Salman Khan was threatened, so the security around his house has been tightened. Close friends say that the actor does not want this, though. They think that things will happen when they have to. Still, family pressure has caused him to cancel all of his plans and trips.

Salman Khan had recently gotten emails with threats. After this happened, the security around his house was tightened as well. But if you listen to his close friends, Salman doesn’t care about threats. He likes to go with the flow.

Salman has been facing a lot of threats for a long time. Lawrence Bishnoi, a gangster, had also told him he would kill him in 2019. At the same time, his manager recently got an email asking him to talk to the gangster Goldie Brar.

The actor was told that he would get a big blow if he didn’t talk. The manager of Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments in Bandra called the police right away and asked for tight security around the building.

Salman Does Not Want Security

Salman Khan is not afraid of threats

A person who is close to Salman told TOI that these things don’t bother the actor. The end said: “Salman Khan is not scared at all by this threat. Or maybe they are acting to keep their parents from getting in trouble.

The unique thing about this family’s “Hum Saath Saath Hain” way of life is that no one shows fear on their face. Salman’s dad, Salim Khan, is also very calm-looking. But Salim Saab’s whole family knows that he can’t sleep at night.

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The Film Will Be Released on Time

Salman Khan is not afraid of threats

If you listen to his close friends, Salman was also against this tight security. The end said: “Salman Khan thinks that by doing this, you’re giving the person who threatened him more attention.

He will be more successful with his plan if you make the circle of safety bigger out of fear. Aside from this, Salman has always been a free spirit. People say that things will happen when they have to. But because of pressure from his family, he has dropped all of his outside plans.

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But his schedule for making his next movie, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, which is set to come out on Eid, hasn’t changed.

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