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12 Shocking Facts About The Iconic Tennis Figure “Roger Federer”!

Federer Roger is a Swiss tennis player. He dominates tennis and is the best of his generation. While cricket has a reputation as a sport for refined gentlemen, you can get the name of a true gentleman by asking any tennis fan. There is no other tennis player who has won more money than he has. He has won more tennis awards than any other professional player.

In terms of tennis, he holds the record for most Grand Slam victories. In 2006, he played 92 matches and won 95 of them, an incredible record. In that year, he competed in 17 championship games and won 12. Indeed, they’re all sets of conjoined twins. In addition to his two sets of twin sons and daughters, he also has a set of twin daughters.

In 2016, he took home one of tennis’ four Grand Slam titles. His competition with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal is renowned, therefore which indicates he is still at the peak of his game. To the surprise of no one, Rafael Nadal is one of his closest friends; despite being fierce competitors on the tennis court, they count one another among their closest friends off the court as well.

Unknown facts About Roger Federer

To add to his record eight Wimbledon titles, five US Opens, five Australian Opens, and one French Open, Roger Federer won the 2017 Wimbledon men’s singles tournament by defeating Marin Cilic in the final.

Since he began working on his tennis game at the tender age of eight, Roger Federer has developed a reputation for his natural talent, tactics, and calm, serene demeanor, which helped him reach the top of the ATP rankings for an incredible 302 weeks.

1. Raised Near The French-German Border!

The Swiss tennis great Roger Federer entered the world on 8 August 1981. Robert Federer is a Swiss citizen, and his mother, Lynette Federer, is a native of South Africa. He is the younger brother of Diana, his older sister. The towns of Birsfelden, Riehen, and Munchenstein, all close to the French and German borders, were his home for much of his boyhood.

2. Plans to Move On

Due to their young age, many professional tennis players continue to teach private lessons at country clubs even after their championship seasons have ended. They can afford to cease working and spend their time sitting courtside as spectators. But Roger Federer says he doesn’t want to play tennis professionally anymore and that he’s OK without it.

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3. Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, and Pete Sampras Are His Idols

Federer has stated on numerous occasions that he was motivated to become a tennis player by watching Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg compete.

His ascent to fame began with his defeat over the American tennis star, Sampras, at Wimbledon, whom he praises on his website as “another favorite of mine.” The Swiss ace’s game has been compared to those of his heroes, and the two have been shown to share parallels.

Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, and Pete Sampras Are His Idols

4. A picture of consistency

Federer, often regarded as the sport’s most graceful player, has achieved and maintained his level of skill and success through a combination of natural ability and hard work. A couple of impressive facts about his career include that he reached the semi-finals of 23 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments.

which is more than twice as many as the next man on the list, Ivan Lendl, managed to do. After playing in his first Grand Slam tournament in 2000, he went on to participate in 65 straight tournaments before withdrawing from the 2016 French Open with a back issue.

5. Has Had a Swiss Post Stamp Issued in His Honour

In 2007, Switzerland’s postal office came up with a creative method to recognize the country’s most popular athlete: they put an image of Roger Federer’s Wimbledon championship win on a one franc stamp, the most commonly used stamp in Switzerland.

The stamp was the first time the Swiss Post had ever published a stamp depicting a living person. The idea to issue such a stamp was announced when Federer surpassed Jimmy Connors’ record of 161 straight weeks as world number one, but the design was kept secret until the stamp’s actual issuance.

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6. Angry and Emotional as A Youngster Playing Tennis

Despite his levelheaded approach to the game now, which serves as a model for both professionals and amateurs, he was surprised, an angry player as a youth. There were rumors that he would complain about bad calls, slam balls in rage, argue with his dad, and even throw his racket over the court.

However, Federer’s career took a dramatic turn after the untimely death of his mentor and coach, Paul Carter, who had instilled in him the importance of keeping his cool and treating others with respect.

7. Multi-talented sportsman as a child

Roger Federer has said that his experience with several sports at a young age contributed to his lightning-fast reflexes in tennis. This Swiss man is rumored to be an excellent swimmer and water sports enthusiast.

He also claims to have been an avid football player as a kid, having played for the Concordia Basel youth teams as a striker. At the age of 12, though, his tennis commitments became so extensive that he had to give up his other activities. Federer is an avid supporter of his local side, FC Basel, and the Swiss national team.

8. a Career Full of Unique Records

The 35-year-old is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind in the sport of tennis, having established a variety of records that may well survive the test of time. His 19 Grand Slam singles victories are the most ever won by a male player and put him four ahead of his closest competitor, Rafael Nadal.

Since his 2017 Wimbledon victory, he has also set a new record for most men’s singles titles at The Championships, with eight. This puts him ahead of Pete Sampras and Ken Rosewall, who each won seven. With this last victory, he also became only the second man in history (after Bjorn Borg in 1976) to win Wimbledon without losing a single set.

9. Federer Has a Street Named After Him in Halle

Roger Federer sometimes plays in a tournament called the Gerry Weber Open in the German town of Halle before major championships like Wimbledon. With nine victories, the guy from Basel has dominated the event, and in 2012, the roadway leading to the stadium (formerly called Weststrasse) was renamed after him.

The event director, Ralf Weber, explained the decision to rename the street after Federer in 2012: “It was this personal dedication to us and the fact that he is well respected around the world that inspired us to contemplate how we could honor him.”

10. Talented Pianist and Flutist

The legendary Swiss citizen is a musician who enjoys playing the piano and the flute in his leisure time and is well regarded as having a refined taste in life. It is reported that Federer learned to play the piano as a child and still enjoys doing so, albeit he has never done so publicly. On the flute, he has also demonstrated his skill, most notably at the Lucerne festival.

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11. Federer Has Never Retired from A Match

According to Wikipedia, Roger Federer has played a grand total of 1358 singles matches throughout his career, with a record of 111 wins and 247 losses. Near rival Novak Djokovic withdrew from Wimbledon with an elbow ailment,

while other opponents Andy Murray and Marin Cilic also had health issues Amazingly, Federer has never been forced to retire from a tennis match, seeing out everyone he has started. This is proof that, in addition to talent, success necessitates unwavering focus and fortitude of character.

12. Vegetarian Till the Age of 14

Roger Federer’s decision to abstain from eating meat as a child was accepted by his family in Switzerland, where he was raised. At the age of 14, Federer was sent to a tennis camp, where he was required to eat non-vegetarian food per the institute’s recommendations so that he may grow and develop physically.

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