8 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Badshah The Multi-Talented Singer And “Badshah of Rap”!

Badshah, a rapper, is widely considered to be a major star in the Bollywood film industry. Many of his fans can recite his whole discography by heart. Their ignorance of his rise to power as Badshah, however, prevents them from understanding. We’ve gathered a list of the singer’s many talents, as well as some lesser-known facts about her, for your perusal.

Watch this space! There is no one more revolutionary than our beloved Badshah in the Indian music industry. Badshah’s new music is often a hit with the younger generation, gaining one million views the day after its release.

Unknown Facts About Badshah

The rapper is currently relishing in his glory as his voice is heard rapping in every other Bollywood film. However, for every man who achieves greatness, there are many days when nothing goes right. And now is the time to discuss those events.

1. The Story Behind His Name

His birth name, Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, is known only to a select few. He was hesitant to break into the business with his given name because of its notoriety. Intriguingly, he is Shahrukh Khan‘s biggest fan, and he changed his name to Badshah after the release of Shahrukh’s blockbuster film of the same name.


2. Happily Married Man

You got that exactly perfectly! The long-term secret relationship between Badshah and Jasmine culminated in their marriage. In fact, he is the joyful father of two tiny princes who were born on January 11, 2017.

3. Raps In Multiple Language

Aside from English, we all know that he can rap in Punjabi and Haryanvi, but not everyone is aware that he also rapped in English back when he was just starting out. In addition to Malayalam and Tamil, he can also rap in Bhojpuri, Gujrat, and Spanish. His first rap was for his high school mathematics teacher, and he loves numbers.

4. Study and Job

For his career, Badshah relied on his training as a civil engineer. He’s also open about his prior aspiration to join the Indian Administrative Service rather than the Bollywood industry. Even though he’s at college, he still writes raps. Badshah’s parents expected him to work for the government, but he had other plans for his life.

5. Got The Motivation From His College Days

Maybe this is a fact about Badshah that you didn’t know. His first performance was really while he was in college. He was solely inspired by the experience. Just follow our instructions! The famous musician Palash Sen was supposed to perform at his college festival, but he was late.

Surprising Facts About Badshah

Badshah approaches his principal with a plea, and the latter grants him permission to perform on stage for a brief five minutes. And those five minutes became fifteen, then thirty. The reception he received from the younger demographic was essential in giving him the drive and confidence he needed to pursue his goals.

6. First Break

Back in 2006, Badshah first off his career as a member of the group Mafia Muneer. In his early days, he collaborated with Yo Yo Honey Singh on the album Get Up Jawani, which was a huge success. Badshah collaborated with Yo-Yo Honey Singh for almost six years, contributing to the success of such hits as “Dope-Shop,” “Angezi Beat,” and “Brown Rang,” before leaving the duo in 2012.

First Break

7. The Real Badshah

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re mistaken if you think Badshah is an outgoing and chatty person in person. Badshah admits in an interview that offstage he is a completely different person. He’s the complete antithesis of that; he’s a wise old soul who prefers his peace and quiet.

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8. His Fashion Icon

Badshah was recently interviewed and asked who his style icon was. According to Badshah, his father is his style model since he always made sure to buy him a new pair of name-brand shoes whenever he was a kid, despite the fact that he himself didn’t care much for fashion.

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